A makeup Remover to try, Face Halo

Makeup wipes are quick and convenient, but they are not optimal for overall skin (and environmental!) health. Face Halo. Developed out of a desire to simplify the makeup removal process, Face Halo is a one-step new makeup remover pad that uses HaloTech fiber technology to gently and efficiently remove makeup. 100 times finer than a human hair, the fibers reach deep into the pores to remove and trap makeup, daily dirt, and grime using water only.


Founded in May 2017 by Aussie mom Lizzy Pike, problem-solver and fiber technology veteran, Face Halo is changing the way we remove makeup. This dual-sided and reusable makeup remover checks all the boxes: effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient. Made with HaloTech Fiber--deemed the Egyptian Cotton of fibers-- Face Halo technology gently extracts grease, grime, and bacteria from deep within your pores eliminating the need for traditional chemical cleansers by using just water for a PH neutral, modern clean.

One of the leading brands at the forefront of this A-beauty movement, Face Halo retails for $22 for a three pack and is available at facehalo.com, freepeople.com, and other select US retailers.