A new app is said to help stop the abuse of models and actors.

The abuse of models and actors are making headlines from all over the country.  Suffering from her nightmare shoots and audition encounters Alison Pelletier became inspired for her to team up with Agent Inc.  Agent Inc. is a new platform from CEO Mark Willingham that now has over 5,000 models sharing gig experiences with designers and photographers, reviewing the conditions they encounter during photo shoots, and fighting back against many forms of misconduct. 

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In fashion, the talent is often taken advantage of-subjected to late pay, bullying, racism, and unwanted sexual advances or even rape. Models are also usually very young and therefore quite susceptible to such abuses. Agent Inc. has renovated the model-booking process by adding a much-needed layer of transparency and protection.  The app, for example, conducts criminal background and sex offender checks on all of its users. Featured in Fast Company, Life&Style, Bloomberg, Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine, Alison and Mark are re-imagining model bookings.    

*If you are a model try out the app, comment below or email us at hello@girlverify to share your experience.