BCG IN THE CITY: New York: Helipad Yoga - Sound Off Experience

I went to Pier 6 in NYC -- to do yoga -- on a helicopter pad -- during the beautiful NYC sunset.  Now before you go thinking that I’m a super cool daredevil who dodges helicopters while keeping zen, this was actually a part of an event held by Castel Valere-Couturier's Sound Off Experience and high-tech, wireless headphones.

This helipad experience was Heli-HOT as only those with a particular Sound Off Experience headphones could hear the instructors, Elena Brower and Jennifer Pansa, and their silent DJ's. Elena Brower shared that usually during an outside yoga class, she has to yell or use speakers for music, and the outside noises tend to ruin what is supposed to be a peaceful experience. However, with these immersive, sound blocking headphones, the instructors simply speak into a microphone, and their voices resound through the speakers and into your headphones. ((“I hear yoga, people!”))

Along with the amazing instructors, the event also featured SO’s upbeat Silent DJ's. Say what, Silent DJ! That is correct, and funky beats boomed through my head speakers controlled by Sound Off’s Silent DJ’s.  Panic and Tasha Blank ((and this #GOAHEADGIRL knew how to jam!)) The DJ's kept us all booty popping in our downward dogs with the breathtaking city lights in front of us and Lady Liberty behind us. The experience was surreal, to say the least. I asked the founder, Castel how a Sound Off Experience could give our females a way to get in shape and have fun.

#GIRLTALK with Amanda Murdock, a previous instructor.

As someone who has done the SOE before, how does this differ from regular yoga?  It helps you tune into your practice; you can hear the instructor loud and clear.

GIRLTALK with Instructor, Elena Brower

If you could have a yoga Sound Off Experience, where would it be? Either on top of the Eiffel Tower or somewhere deep in South East China.

This summer we made our first Sound Off Yoga Event followed by a Silent Disco which was a blast. We’ll look at putting together more events like that in the future. Besides that, we’re linking up with great instructors who have challenging classes that are tons of fun, like our Silent Shakedown Fitness. This class by Joe Collins, who invented the (real) Harlem shake. It’s a blend of high-intensity cardio and hip-hop dance with a live DJ!
— Castel Valere-Couture

I discreetly inquired about his headphones secretly being his form of mind control; his response was simply “Shhhhh… It is our little secret!” #shady! If you are a girl looking for a not-so-typical way to get her namaste on, this is a #GIRLVERIFIED way to do it. Best of all, Sound Off Experience hosts events all over the country! Visit to see what events are happening near you. 

Your flight preparation is ancient wisdom whispered in your ear as the sun melts into the water overlooking views of the Brooklyn Bridge. -Jennifer Pansa

Photography by Tony Di Carlantonio for BCG PUBLICATIONS