Beauty Alert: The Key to Soft Skin

Into the Deep
While cleansers remove makeup or dirt, peels work deeper: they release the skin from dead skin and other particles that obstruct it, allowing it to "breathe" better and open its pores. 



Moreover, the scrub enables re-oxygenation of the tissues. The skin regains its brilliance, freshness, and softness. Peels must adapt to your skin type. For healthy skin, a cleansing gel preferably, while sensitive and dry skin prefers masks. For oily skin, a scrub mask is a good choice. Generally speaking, scrub should be used maximum 1 to 2 times a week, as overuse can be counterproductive. The rest of the body also needs the same care; there are specific products for the hands and feet for example.
Scrub Secrets
Mechanical scrub
The mechanical scrub allows using abrasive particles (fruit cores or quartz sand) to eliminate dead skin. Until now, many scrub products contained small polyethylene beads known to give shine, but also feared for their dangerousness. The trend is in the direction of replacing polyethylene with natural ingredients. Because of their chemical structure, plastic beads cannot eliminate in sewage treatment centers. They pollute the drinking water, end up rejected in the sea or introduce themselves into our food.
Enzymatic peeling

Enzymatic peels are useful because of their composition to divide proteins. The horn of the skin results from the meeting of keratin with a protein. Enzymatic scrubs can deconstruct this "couple" and destroy the formed horn. They are especially suitable for sensitive and dry skin.
Chemical scrub

Dermatologists often perform chemical scrubs. Thanks to chemical substances, they stimulate the cellular renewal of the skin and make it ultra-smooth. They are suitable for those they want shiny and healthy skin and fast. The fruit acid peels also called alpha-hydroxy acids act on the upper layer of the skin to restore shine and a youthful appearance.

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