Beauty Cocktails & Girltalk with Actress Tasya Teles

Take some time out of your day to read about Tasya Teles and the journey that lead her to her role of Echo in "The 100." As a late-blooming actress, Tasya speaks of her struggle to claim her passion for the acting industry and how she finally went for it.


If this is the time for feminism to have a rebirth,

it can’t be used about fashion. I think what is so divine about women is that we bring a softness, and compassion to the world.

  • Beauty

    For day to day, I try to look polished and yummy, without looking like I’m wearing any makeup. For me, that means having a great foundation, rosy lips, lined brows and an excellent bronzed/highlighted situation, with some light mascara (if any). I find that one good palette can also operate as an eyeshadow palette if necessary. I just discovered Giorgio Armani silk foundation, which I’m now obsessed with and don’t know how my skin breathed without it. For lips, it’s always been Dervish lip liner by MAC, and a touch of Sugar Lip balm in Rosé. For my brows, I stick with Anastasia’s eyebrow pots and an angle brush and go for that cheekbone contour and highlighter with Kat Von D’s contour kit – which I’m also obsessed with. When it comes to my actual skin care regime, I try to balance science and natural products. My skin is always dry, or combo, and just annoying, but after I started using Alitura’s night cream, my skin has been fantastic. At night I do a little Retinol action, a little Alitura, and my day cream changes depending on where I am in the world and what the climate is, but I always throw on some SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum and Cetaphil sunscreen for sensitive skin. Oh, and I am obsessed with these collagen masks by Purigenex. Game changer.

  • Cocktails

    Red wine is definitely my go-to, but it’s always a good time for champagne! When I am in Brazil visiting my family, I love drinking Caipirinhas, which is a real treat. They just make them better in Brazil! The secret to a good caipirinha is the ripeness of the limes. I can’t reveal my sources, but someone very knowledgeable on the topic told me this so it must be true.



There were a lot of sleepless nights, but I just ground it out. I think what helped was there was a loose plan, which was that I had three years to make it work, and if after three years nothing happened, I would accept that the universe had other plans for me and went out into the world again.

I’ve always been very expressive, and creative, so I always wanted to be an actress. I decided to leap because I knew I wouldn’t be happy otherwise. There was this voice that was continually speaking to me in the back of my mind, my intuitive self, nagging at me to be an actress. But I was too scared to listen to it for a long time. When I finally took ownership of what I was feeling, despite my fear of failure, or fear that I would look silly to my parents, I felt a calming sense of arrival. It was compelling. What helped me stay on this path and pursue my dreams, is that I wanted to be a voice for other women to seize their power, take ownership over their lives, and to not be afraid of failure. The universe is always conspiring in your favor if you can tune your system to listen to it, and not ignore it as I had for so long.


There were many, many moments that I felt overwhelmed, and long stretches of time where I felt lost, and I nearly gave up. Multiple jobs at night, acting classes by day, with monologues, and scenes to rehearse and memorize during my shifts. There were a lot of sleepless nights, but I just ground it out. I think what helped was there was a loose plan, which was that I had three years to make it work, and if after three years nothing happened, I would accept that the universe had other plans for me and went out into the world again. That timeline narrowed my focus so intensely on my goal that I have never worked harder in my life. I was just so determined to make it work; I put in everything I had. That way if it didn’t work out, I could rest assured knowing that I had indeed tried everything in my power to follow my dream. Because that’s all, we can do! I also knew that anything worth fighting for is never easy, which I kept telling myself as I trudged along. Vision boards also help me immensely; I need to be able to see the end goal to stay connected and focused when times are tough.



I can’t believe where I am; I continually have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming!

A big tip that has changed my life is learning how to drop all excess in your life. Excess emails, excess clothes, excess drama, just get rid of it all! Clearing the clutter is incredibly freeing, that I’m so sad I didn’t do it earlier. I guess we get attached to things and don’t realize when it stops serving us to be holding on to all this crap. I also live by calendars, I map everything out on my calendar, including my goals. I try to avoid doing long-term goals and usually stick to three or six months at a time. The world moves too quickly these days to set a rigid path for yourself, and I found it would give me anxiety staring at these lofty five-year goals, that were so distant they felt unattainable. If I stay on top of my three-month goals, I trust that I’ll land where I have supposed to anyway, and they’re much more malleable.


The only thing I would change is my self-talk. I would edit my internal dialogue, from self-deprecating, to self-loving. I think my younger self-needed a hug and a high-five for all her hard work, instead of beating myself for things I had no control over. A lot of time can be wasted tormenting ourselves for no reason – that’s time that could have been spent enjoying a margarita with friends on a patio. What a waste, not worth it! If I could do it all over again, I would positively speak to myself in Beyoncé lyrics, “Say, I look so good tonight!”


I can’t believe where I am; I continually have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming! Before I leaped acting, I was all over the place. I had wanted to act since I was a child (and I did briefly), but as an adult, I didn't dare proclaim my dreams and told people that it’s what I wanted to do. I was too afraid of failure, I guess. Plus my parents were very adamant about me going into a more ‘serious’ field. I don’t blame them, and early adulthood is extremely daunting; we’re all supposed to be massive success stories right away, and we’ve lost the natural process of growing up and finding your way. Our parents just want to help us, but I became focused on pleasing them rather than listening to my gut.

When you’re doing something for someone else, you can end up following a ‘safer’ path, with no big risks, because it doesn’t mean anything to you. Against my intuition, I went and got a finance degree, and right when I graduated, not only was I miserable and at a loss of what to do with my life but to make matters worse, the stock market crashed. I took it as divine intervention, and called my mom immediately and told her I was moving home and giving myself three years to focus on acting. She wasn’t thrilled, but it didn’t matter. I made the decision in my mid-20s, which was risky because I was starting so late, but I decided that life is too short to be unhappy, and I needed to know if my gut was right. Risks are tough to take, but they can force you into action pretty immediately because everything is on the line. If you want to do something, it is never too late. Just work hard, be smart, and tune your antennae so you can take universal clues about what’s working and what’s not, and why.


Cultivating a good alliance with others in your industry. 

Leave the ego at the door. When I look at the people in my life that I am always excited to see, it’s always the person that has the biggest, most genuine smile, and isn’t afraid to engage with others and laugh. Sometimes I hear my ego interfering, suggesting that maybe I need to put on this fake persona to be taken seriously. That quickly evaporates, I’m terrible at acting ‘cool,’ I laugh too much. I love engaging with people. I think being genuinely interested in other people, and excited and happy, will never go out of style – and people appreciate when you don’t just talk about yourself, and you’re interested in others around you. Laugh as much as possible, engage with others, and don’t be afraid to waste time. Having fun with people is relaxes everyone, and you get the bonus of having a great time!


When life throws you lemons, just add BEAUTY, COCKTAILS, GIRLTALK. Life obstacles can weigh heavy on your mental and physical wellbeing. How do you stay uplifted, motivated or even inspired to push through and maintain your happiness?
A few things. We need to physicalize and move to stay uplifted, trapped energy brings us down. I’m not a super gym rat, but I go because I know that I need to release pent-up energy. Otherwise, I’ll go crazy. Definitely into the motivational teachings, I love a good spiritual/self-help book. A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles” is a must-read! I am a big fan of journaling, even just five minutes a day. Forcing yourself to put words on to your emotions, and feelings, and then describing what’s going on in your life, and why you think things are happening, is so powerful. It connects you to the world around you because you’re taking notes on the events happening and how they affect you, and you also get to know yourself better. This is invaluable and necessary for any growth or change. I also love vision boards, because they aren’t digital. It’s nice sometimes to cut and paste things with your own two hands; I’m continually tearing out magazine pages.

Aside from that, I love Bulletproof podcasts, which I find super inspirational because they’re about taking control of your biology so that you’re less tired, less depressed, more energetic, etc. Some podcasts are super nerdy, but others are hilarious, light and interesting to listen to. They offer so much crazy insight; I feel empowered to take control of my life and make changes when I’m looking. I usually play them in the car passively, or while I clean up the house. It put me on to this meditation device that I use every morning for 10 min, and completely changed my life. It’s this little clip that measures your heart rate, and tells you when your body is in a state of harmony, or not. It’s the place where your sympathetic (adrenaline) and parasympathetic (rest) nervous system are balanced, and where we operate at our best. You do it in the morning for just 10 minutes, and it chemically changes your body to perform better for the rest of the day, month, year! It’s where science meets spirituality, and it has completely changed my life. Isn’t that so cool?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do… It’s not just in some of us; it’s for everyone. And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously permit other people to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
— Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love)

I think we all want to be our best selves, but are ashamed, or nervous, or embarrassed to speak up about what we want to do, and how we want to change the world. But we are only doing ourselves and the world around us a disservice by hiding from our power. We all need to support each other in whatever ways we can, to change it for the better. Now more than ever! That’s why I am starting a website called ‘Unslaved’ – it’s part of my mission to empower people to make a change in the world, and connect with others. Check us out!

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girl you betta

Travel, you only live once so seize the day! Save that coin, plan that trip, and go somewhere exotic and amazing. Take on that adventure; it’s important to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and learn about life outside the little bubble we live in, plus its loads of fun.
Dance more. It’s silly, it’s freeing, it’s occasionally sexy, and it burns calories. For people who are wallflowers, if you can conquer your fear of dancing, you can do anything. Just enjoy yourself!

  • You've gotta go: Tulum, Mexico, it’s magical there. I’m obsessed!
  • POPCORN + COCKTAILS For fiction, I loved A Fine Balance, and Memoirs of a Geisha – historical fiction is excellent because you learn about the past without taking a history class. I am also loving Ready Player One, which I am reading right now, and The Gargoyle. Non-fiction would probably be The 4-Hour Body, Thrive Diet, and Half the Sky because those books galvanized me and changed my perspective on health, and purpose in life. For TV I love “The Handmaid's Tale,” they did such a fantastic job of making that world feel real, and like it could happen. It’s a great reminder that we can’t take anything for granted. We must be fierce and take on the role of feminists like a proud badge, and continue fighting for our rights and equality because as we continue to be reminded, there is a lot of room for growth. When I’m feeling like a giggle, I like to watch Clueless, or The Princess Bride, or any John Hughes movie, because they’re clever, light and never get old!
  • What do you have to say to those aka (men) who say we are too sensitive, emotional, or sarcastic? Grow the hell up. Push a baby out of your body, then come back and talk to me. You don’t have the right to be cheeky with me, mister!
  • 100 pairs of shoes and only 2 feet! What was the last thing you bought for yourself? Boots, boots, and boots! I’m obsessed with boots; I can never own enough. I bought motorcycle lace-up boots for Coachella, and a pair of low cut studded rocker boots with a slight heel for kicking dirt; and also for Coachella.
  • Guilty pleasure: Don’t make me say it! Fine, Slice TV. I love reality TV; I can’t get enough. I rarely allow myself to watch it because I’m barely home, and always running around, but I love a good pajama night with some Kardashian drama, or “Million Dollar Listing.” Don’t tell anyone!

I try to live with the ‘no regrets’ rule because it’s important not to beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Life is just a series of mistakes, but if we’re smart enough, we’ll know that mistakes lead to valuable lessons, as long as you’re open to learning them and don’t continue making the same mistakes over and over again.

If this is the time for feminism to have a rebirth, it can’t be used about fashion. I think what is so divine about women is that we bring a softness, and compassion to the world. Right now we see a lot of anger, from twitter fighting to politics, it’s everywhere. I think that part of our offering is to be the most authentic expressions of our womanhood, and exhibit strength, protect the earth, protect one another, and find power in being loving and gentle. That requires connecting with your inner self and expressing that inner peace for others to relate to and be inspired by.

People are always watching you, so whether you like it or not, you are a role model to whoever is around you. Could be a sibling, could be a quiet classmate, or younger student or colleague that you’re unaware of. When we see people around us taking charge and living their best lives, it inspires. We are each little bodies of potential and have massive influence over the world around us, no matter how small we think our impact is, it’s not. When we shine, we genuinely inspire others to shine.

I spent a lot of time chasing after things I didn’t want. Instead of wasting time trying to keep up with others, allocate that useful time learning about yourself, and connecting with our inner truths so you can listen to that compass and be inspired. It requires work, so read the books, listen to the podcasts, write your goals, whatever it is - you have to find it. It’s up to you to inspire yourself.


My best friends, Ariel (Feed the People), Amanda (BiaBoro Underwear), Anna Kosturova (Anna Kosturova Swimwear), and Tara (Astrid Lily Jewelry), are the loves of my life, and I’ve worked together with all of them on their projects. They are amazing, strong, and beautiful women who are killing it. And of course my mom, dad, and my sister! Big love!

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