Beauty, Cocktails & #Girltalk with Actress Carolina Guerra

Beauty and guts, Carolina Guerra, has turned her dream into reality. This model turned actress currently stars in TNT's "Animal Kingdom," and her character is a complete badass. Carolina opens up about her big move and the motivation behind her transition from Columbia to Hollywood. 


Carolina Guerra---


Must haves...Vinter’s Daughter Botanical Serum.
Pratima White Pearl Moisturizer Cream.
Raya Gentle Cleanser.

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I love wine. However, for cocktails i'd say Moscow Mule, or as I have recently had it, Mezcal Mule! Even better.

  • Why this industry?

    I knew I was going to be an artist all along. There was no question in my head or anyone else in my family's, so it was a natural and obvious decision. When I was growing up, my dad used to sit me next to him, play very complex movies, and then explain and discuss them with me. We would watch movies like "Blade Runner," or "2001 Space Odessy" when I was about ten years old. That stimulated my head in ways nothing else could. I can never thank my dad enough. Also, both my parents always encouraged me to dare, to dream and to believe in myself. I was raised with much love. That, I believe, is the key to confidence and self-esteem.

  • Ever feel like giving up?

    Of course!!! Many! No one gets far without hustling. You will always find obstacles along the way. It is up to you to see them either as a threat or as an opportunity to learn. I've faced many challenges in my life, both personal and professional. It is not always easy, but hey, as long as you LOVE what you do and do things for the right reasons, it is all worth fighting for. Usually, after some time you turn around and laugh at those situations you once thought were “the end of your world.” Keep that in mind!


 I think woman are natural multitaskers! It is crucial for me to write things down to ensure nothing is left undone. 

Whatever you are doing make sure you have a good playlist as background music because there’s nothing better than dancing through the day.

Must have apps?

Banking online changed my life. (Laughs.)
Living in Los Angeles means spending a lot of time in your car, and for this reason, I love podcasts! I always learn something new.
MINDBODY is an excellent app for work out; it shows all the places dedicated to wellbeing wherever you are! I adore it.
SPOTIFY - obviously!
POSTMATES - can’t live without it...
Also, I have to say that I am becoming a compulsive Amazon buyer.

Let's take a look back.

I have always dreamed of being where I am now, and I continue to dream bigger. I work hard for it.

I grew up in Bogotá, Colombia. My mom was a fashion designer and my dad a philosopher. I always thought I would be a singer; I always had a band at school. I did theater too, but the music was my main hobby. As it turns out, a director asked me to audition for a part requiring the character to sing and, well, 12 years later here I am... Life has been incredibly generous with me.



The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur is a book that should be in every woman’s bedside table!

Workout wise: I box now, and I am married to Infrared Hot Yoga at Tantris in Los Angeles. Love it!

I live a healthy life, I love nature and so living in California is such a blessing. It is easy to be healthy here.

When life throws you lemons, just add BEAUTY, COCKTAILS, GIRLTALK.  Life's obstacles can weigh heavily on your mental and physical wellbeing. How do you stay uplifted, motivated or even inspired to push through and maintain your happiness?
To me, there is nothing more important than self-love. We have to learn (and teach our friends and kids) that success starts inside! Once you put this concept in motion the second most important thing to me would be to surround yourself with good people. Real friends. Those who love you and want to see you grow. No matter what happens in life, if there’s love in your life, there is hope. I have been through much pain this year. So yes, I am so unbelievably grateful because those situations showed me how many loving people I have around me. Having a stable support system is very important. However, remember: Loving yourself is an essential revolution!

My mom used to repeat this to me, and I believe it is true: the source of every problem in the world comes from lack of love.
I do not mean romantic love. Love comes in many forms; caring is love, including is love, respect is love. We need to be more loving to ourselves, understand our self-worth and then, of course, that of others. The universe took its time on you, crafted you to offer the world something different from everyone else. You are unique!
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carolina says...

  • You've gotta go:  Italy 
  • Girl you betta: Sky Dive and Scuba Dive at least once in your life.
  • Popcorn & Cocktails. What to read and watch?  Right now I am reading "The Woman Destroyed" by Simone De Beauvoir because I cannot think of a more badass woman than her.
    Moreover, I am biting my nails waiting for HBO's Big Little Lies Season 2 and TNT's Animal Kingdom Season 3!
  •   What do you have to say to those aka (men) who say we are too sensitive, emotional, or sarcastic?   I would advise them, among other things, to start taking the new contraceptive pill for men and then talk to me in a few days.
  • 100 pairs of shoes and only 2 feet!  What was the last thing you bought for yourself? Pair of black leather shoes from Opening Ceremony.
  • Guilty Pleasure: HBO. John Oliver. All day.

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