Can hairspray also help with Split Ends?

Unfortunately, once split, hairspray can no longer be completely cemented and spread like a run in the hair. A visit to a hairdresser is the best solution so that the hair is visibly healthy and strong again. 



To prevent split ends, the tips should, therefore, be cut every 6 to 8 weeks. If the next cutting time is over, but the tips are already under attack, a hair tip serum can help: split ends can be reassembled temporarily and the likelihood of them spreading can be temporarily prevented.
However, even with split ends: Precaution is better than cure! Therefore, in addition to regular tips cutting continuous care is essential for hair health. This should consist of coordinated shampoo and conditioner with each hair wash and once a week of a cure. If hair is easily prone to damage such as split ends, due to intensive styling routine (be it heat styling or excessive dyeing). A top-grade serum can perfectly complement the care routine and provide additional protection for the sensitive hair ends: After washing in towel-dried hair, it lays around the hair ends like a protective shield and helps to prevent split ends and damage.

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