Today is Friday aka the first annual 'NATIONAL BLOW OUT DAY," aka the best day of the year. PRETE is an app created by Nina Ojeda that uses high-end salons open appointment inventory to book blowouts for their members. It is like a members-only passport to get blowouts at all the fantastic salons in each of their cities, which include LA, San Francisco, Nashville & Chicago but they are also opening up their waiting lists for NYC, Austin, Scottsdale, Dallas, DC, OC and more.

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PRETE partners with the best salons in each city to get people blowout appointments whenever they want them. Like a key to the doorway of beauty, PRETE members can exclusively book blowout appointments through the app at the hottest salons in the area - $35 for one, $99 for three, $145 for 5 and $159 UNLIMITED. 

We love this concept.  So, with that said...HAPPY NATIONAL BLOW OUT DAY!

Download Prete here and learn more about 'National Blow out day,' here