CUUP: The Innovative New Bra Company That Promises to Make You Look Great in Every Size

 CUUP, a new direct to consumer intimates startup focused on providing attractively designed, ultra-light and supportive everyday bras for all women with boobs, today announces its launch into the intimates market.

With two thirds of US women wearing a D-cup or larger, it's no secret that the intimates industry has been underserving a large segment of the population by offering limited selection and sizes, overly sexualized, and/or matronly styles with heavy construction. In addition, women are all too often forced into the wrong bra size so as to fit into industry norms. As a result, 8 out of 10 women continue to wear the wrong bra size. All of this, has resulted in many women feeling punished for being "not normal." This is what happened to CUUP Founders, Abby Morgan and Lauren Cohan.


"My whole life I've thought I was a 34C and dealt with all the discomfort of wearing the wrong size. When I was properly fit, I discovered that I was a 30E, and I was shocked," said Lauren Cohan, CUUP Founder. "The letter E immediately set off all sorts of self-loathing thoughts in my mind. In reality though, it's actually a smaller size and made my boobs look great. That's when I realized the opportunity we've got to challenge the perception and illusion around cup size and ultimately redefine it."

As CUUP set out to change this paradigm, the team sought a range of insight and ideas from women of all demographics and physical forms. These insights led to a deep understanding of what women (especially women with larger boob sizes) have been yearning for: modern design, unpadded light-weight fabrication, everyday support and comfort, and a natural shaping – not squeezed or pushed. In addition to the technical needs, the complex relationship that women have with their boobs and the impact that a well-fit, sexy bra can have on a women's confidence was explored, digested and ultimately implemented into the design and execution of each product. 


"CUUP was founded as a direct response to a deeply relatable human story," explained Abby Morgan, CUUP Founder. "The idea that women have been asked over the years to choose between a bra that fits well, and one that makes her feel sexy is antiquated. It has been our mission to challenge this notion and bring to market an intimates brand that caters to all women, irrespective of their size. After 80 fittings, 200 meetings, focus groups, and 18 months of R&D, we are so proud that we have finally reimagined the way bras are made to make them support everybody, in every size subtly focused on providing substance on both a human and product level."

The brainchild of an experienced collective of cross-functional female fit technicians, creatives and merchants, CUUP is single-handedly redesigning the way bras are made, making them not only supportive in fit and function, but beautifully supportive for cup sizes ranging from A to G and band sizes ranging from 30 to 38. The CUUP collection is available in four styles: The Scoop, The Balconette, The Plunge and The Demi, each of which are offered in 35 sizes. That's 2-3x the industry standard.

Designed with every woman in mind, each bra features lightweight performance fabrics, proprietary 360 degree flex wire, no-dig ribbon straps and no unnecessary padding or layers. After years obsessing over every detail, CUUP offers the first bra with elevated design, custom finishes and an unparalleled feel against the body. CUUP supports the natural shaping of a woman's body to help every woman feel confident in her own skin. No pushing, no squeezing, no flattening – just simply you.

CUUP is available beginning November 1st online at Bras are priced at $68 and underwear is priced at $18. For more information on CUUP and their products, visit, check out their latest campaign videos here, and follow @CUUP on social. #CUUPsupportsYou