Editor finds: d'Alba First Spray Mist Serum

This cult Korean product D’ALBA went viral after it was revealed to be the secret behind Korean airline hostesses’ beautifully hydrated complexions in flight.


Strong enough to combat dry cabin air, this spray serum is made on a base of white truffles and lotus with avocado oil. It helps to reduce wrinkles, brighten skin and supply moisture.



Avocado oil - is rich in fatty acids and is excellent for moisturising the skin.

Niacinamide - a type of Vitamin B3 that's perfect for brightening skin and targeting hyperpigmentation.

White truffle – helps firm skin and keep it elastic

Adenosine – a yeast-derived ingredient that functions as a skin soothing and restoring agent.

Sodium hyaluronate – this powerful humectant attracts and binds water to the skin, making it an excellent moisturiser.

Free of alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances


Get your glass skin #onpoint with this handy travel-friendly misting spray – just remember to give it a shake before spraying to evenly distribute the layers of ingredients.

Your can use the spray as part of your skincare routine, or throughout the day to pep skin and combat air-conditioning and heating.


Blending European and Korean skincare styles, luxury Korean label d’Alba gives skin a sensory experience. Inspired by decadent ingredients like white truffles, this unique K-Beauty brand creates gourmet skincare. The brand’s runaway success is its White Truffle Mist Serum, which gained a cult among Korean flight attendants. STYLE STORY is d’Alba’s official Australian partner.

Photography by D’ALBA