How do I embrace the unknown?

I found myself contemplating the value of embracing the unknown about people, situations, and things. This desire to know more than what is being shared or communicated with me is slowly but surely becoming an evaporating preoccupation. Information that isn’t willingly or initially offered is probably either, none of my business, worth waiting for – minus the probing, or certified mental trash, namely stress. Embracing the unknown in all of these cases is just choosing peace of mind over otherwise and recognizing such moments as opportunities for introspection.

Digging for explanations, confirmations,  or reasons for why someone may have said what he or she said, did what he or she did, or have made an absolute decision is senseless when someone is not ready or willing to disclose whatever it is that we seek to know.  How we respond to this is indeed something within our control. It is possible to be our intervention, and to stop ourselves from diving, head first into our self-conjured pool of assumptions or worry, due to continuous, unsuccessful efforts in trying to get someone to “meet us halfway” to work things out.

My struggle is with the high degree of hope I usually have for cooperation and a willingness in the other person to be just as open to communicate with me, for the sake of working through or getting past a challenging time BEFORE it becomes evident that real communication is but a hopeful figment of my imagination. I am naturally inclined to ask as many questions as I need and to listen to reach a place of resolving and peace, and never with the deliberate intent to offend, annoy or burden. Sometimes, I do not realize that I am contributing to someone’s stress with my need to know or understand something, and so I am a work in progress in this regard.  I need not pressure anyone for anything they are simply unwilling to give – PERIOD.

Embracing the unknown is not giving up or caring less, it is immediately sensing the mind wreckage waiting to swallow us whole, upon worrying and wondering too much and recognizing this in time to make a sharp turn in the opposite direction, towards something more open, willing and welcome – ourselves, including others perhaps. To embrace the unknown is to emerge from the darkness of burdensome worry and to enter the light of good energy, thoughts, actions, and productivity.