Endless...Stretching the Summer Vibes

“Summer, summer, summertime – time to sit back and unwind”, sings the fresh prince Will Smith in his 90’s hit. Pool parties, barbecues and going to the beach - remember those breezy summer nights, holding a mojito cocktail, gathered around the fire pit with some friends? Don’t forget to maintain that holiday tan, too! Here we list some important steps and products to help you take your summer look way past august…


2in1: Cleanse & exfoliate

This goes particularly for the face but it is an important step in one’s routine. Use a product for sensitive skin, something that will not strip the dermis of its natural nutrients or one that will dry it out. Make sure to use a cleanser or a face foam that contain organic ingredients, such as argan oil, lavender, honey, almond milk or wild berries.

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 Exfoliation is also an important stage in the summer skincare routine. Clean the skin out of its dead cells using a soft loofah or a gentle cloth. In addition, we recommend using a gentle body wash- avoid harsh grainy products and use a nourishing oil or a body cream, instead of a drying gel or body scrub.
Protect it! Enhance it!

Make sure to also moisturize – a lot! Well hydrated skin does not only look good, but it feels good. Sun exposure can be a factor in the faster development of wrinkles and blemishes on the face, so apply a regenerating cream to avoid this.
Going more and more into fall doesn’t mean ditching the sunscreen. On the contrary, sunscreen is important to protect the skin from UV rays not only in direct sun exposure but even when it is cloudier. Some skincare experts claim that using sunscreen after the summer months will significantly improve the skin’s anti-aging effects.
Another way to keep up with that golden look after august has passed, is to use one simple trick – bronzer! While there are so many bronzers on the market, the key is to go for a more natural one. Reserve the shimmery and glowy powders for the hot summer eves, and apply a more natural, skin-toned bronzer to complement the cheeks and forehead. In terms of technique, make sure to apply it with light strokes, as if the tan is naturally fading, but still visible.

Summer blues

Lastly, to maintain that summer glow from within, don’t forget to treat yourself. Every little thing counts! If you feel like going away for the weekend in September while it is still warm, go for it. Paint your toenails in bright colors – this year’s hits are milky pastels and shimmery gold shades. Show off your tan lines with a cute top and a bralette underneath. To accentuate the décolleté, apply a highlighter on the collar bones and a bronzer around them to create that subtly shade.
It’s the end of summer, but ahead of us are more beauty trends and we cannot wait to discover and share them with you!

Photo by Christopher Campbell

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