#GOAHEADGIRL: GIRLTALK with celebrity makeup artist Jojo McCarthy

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Not everyone has the drive and passion for what they do, but we surely can't say that about our newest Creative Genius, Jojo McCarthy. Jojo is an up and coming makeup artist who is using her passion for making her dreams come true. In her interview with BCG, she dishes about going for what you want, using social media to perfect her makeup skills, and dreaming big. Jojo's story inspired us so much, and we know you will enjoy her interview. Be inspired, get motivated and create your path! 


I think my love for makeup, my passion for helping people and knowledge for products helps sell me as a makeup artist. When people start talking to me about their skin challenges, and then I counter with a great foundation, it immediately gets them intrigued and asking more questions and then I am in.

Love at first site

My love at first sight moment was when I stole my sister’s blue eyeliner pencil in 7th grade. I drew a bunch of circles around my eyes and loved the after effect of how it made my eyes stand out even more. Even though it was 7th grade, it was so fun to see the before and after at that young age. From there I secretly loved makeup so much I started stealing my mom’s makeup and doing my girlfriend’s makeup. The older I became, the more I just fell in love with the transformation. Also, making people feel better about themselves because they now look better. I went to makeup school to perfect the craft and expand my arsenal of tricks. Then I was accepted into the union and worked my butt off to network and make connections to get hired on networks and tv shows because it did not come easy. Even having my sister, Jenny McCarthy, in the business, it was not a sure thing. However, the one thing about my sister being in the business is that she inspired and pushed me to make this my career choice. She completely believed in me by allowing me to do her makeup right out of school, for In Touch magazine and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Trailblazing tips

Doing a self-inventory, developing a business plan, making connections and all of the essential “business plan” type stuff is what you want to be doing, but also question yourself. For me, I am always challenging myself with things like: Do you have what it takes? Do you have the drive and the personality to get it done? Where do I see myself in a couple of years? How am I going make a name for myself and stand out? By asking all of these questions, I am coming up with a plan for myself, and I am still working on all of those details of how I am going to grow as a makeup artist and an entrepreneur.

Handling Stress

My strong faith, daily meditation/affirmations and surrounding myself with positive people who inspire me are how I maintain low-stress levels in my day to day life. I also monitor my diet with foods that keep my energy level up. My favorite stress reliever, however, is Bikram yoga. Applying makeup can be stressful on my muscles, and by doing heated yoga, I manage to maintain good posture and flexibility. My number one tip for staying motivated and inspired is continued education. I am consistently watching YouTube videos and following other makeup artists, as well as stylists and photographers to get inspiration. Growing my business successfully definitely relies on staying current with the latest trends, techniques, and products.

Tech Savvy Tips

I have to say that YouTube and Instagram have almost become somewhat of a school for me. They are my go-to. Every night before I go to bed, I go on Instagram and look to see what products other people are using, and I love reading their reviews on them. I am always researching new products coming out. I am also very interested in Korean makeup websites. Knowing what products are being used all around the world is inspiring to me.

Keeping the Faith

While females may look at your success and think it came without hard work, share a moment when you were overwhelmed, felt like giving up or thought your vision would not come to light. Moreover, share how you dealt with it.

When I applied to the union I was accepted pretty quickly, but I still had to prove myself, and I was not getting any work right away. I still had to find connections to get in with groups of people, and I hit a point where I was panicking about what to do because I was not making any money. That is when I decided to start my school for underprivileged high school kids and adults, which turned out to be a great program that I had for about five years. I loved it and knew that I was giving back, helped me make it over the hump.

Aha Moment

Mistakes happen

I would have to say the one mistake that I made and sometimes still make, is being afraid. Fear has held me back from so many things, and that is the one thing I kind of regret – being afraid to speak up or applying for a job. I know it is perfectly natural, especially since I was a nervous person growing up, but not realizing the talent that I had and not being more confident slowed me down in the beginning. That was my one big mistake. Being in this business and being an entrepreneur you have to go after it and get it. Some errors that I am noticing other people make is them trying to call people in the industry and relying on them for work instead of pounding the pavement and going after it themselves. Relying on individuals to do the job for them will only hurt them.

Final thoughts

Always go after your dreams and don’t be afraid to dream big, but also always keep in mind that being successful at anything is much hard work and takes much drive. You need the stamina and energy and go for it. Talk to people and research.


Some say women are overly emotional, sensitive, a bit sarcastic and moody. What do you have to say to that?

You know what, you are probably right. Deal with it. Be yourself and own it.

100 pairs of shoes and only 2 feet! What was the last thing you bought for yourself?

I just recently bought a hooded shawl with a zipper from Zahra because it was stylish enough to wear on set but comfy enough to wear when I travel. I like to buy comfy clothes, but also things that make me feel professional and chic. One thing that I pride myself on is coming to work and being professionally dressed, but that does not necessarily mean I do my hair and makeup. I will wash my hair and go with clean skin. I like to dress a certain way because I feel it makes you feel better, and you do better work by how you present yourself to the world.

Guilty Pleasure

If your cable package supplied only one channel, which would it be and what would you watch?

That is a tossup between Bravo and Discovery. I love my sharks, but I also love those crazy housewives.

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