Fitness tips with celebrity trainer Alec Penix


Three fitness tips everyone should know for the summertime:

I base everything off exercise, diet, and sleep. For exercise, I would think people want to focus on the core. In the summertime, you’re in a bathing suit, and everyone wants to look good. For me personally, I’ve been really ramping up when it comes to my core. I want to look great as well. Targeting the core is important regarding exercise. When it comes to sleep, it’s essential that you get an ample amount of sleep because the most change happens while you are sleeping. People are constantly hustling, and they don’t actually realize that all the hard work with the exercise part is thrown out the window because they aren’t sleeping.

It’s not necessarily the amount of sleep you get. It’s more about when you sleep that is most important. Researchers say that when you sleep before midnight is equivalent to four minutes after midnight. Everything is based on light. I try to go to bed before midnight and try to get as much sleep as I possibly can before midnight. I try to wake up when the sun rises. Everything is based on rhythm. Once the body sees light, everything starts to be engaged.

How can people integrate mindfulness and faith with fitness?

Everything is connected. The mind, body, and soul are all linked. For me, I was always physically fit, but I wasn’t necessarily “spiritually or emotionally” fit. I wasn’t completely fulfilled. Something was missing. Wellness for me encompasses it all. I realized I needed to start spending more time feeding my spirit with a healthy diet. Initially, it’s about understanding and putting your attention towards the mindset, “I need to start approaching my life in a way where I focus on my physical well being as well as putting my intention towards the spiritual side.” I feed myself with what I watch--inspirational things or reading scriptures and quotes. All of that stuff becomes habitual in your life. You become what you preach. Your inner man matches your outer man.

That’s very profound. I don’t think a lot of people always recognize that.

I think as a society we don’t always look at the emotional and spiritual aspect as something that is important. We pay attention to what we see every day in the mirror. We neglect this other side of us, and I’m telling you from my personal experience as well as my client’s experience, that people come in here unhappy. They achieve these fantastic physical goals, but they still feel empty. There is still something missing. For my practice, I always have the intention to connect with my client and build that relationship with them. I want to feed them in the most positive way so that when they leave here, they feel better about themselves.

They see you as a coach.

It is vital for me to embody that. I just want to connect with them because I want to share what I know and share who I am. I feel inspired and want others to feel the same.

When you’re authentic and coming from that place, it allows others to respond in the same way.

It becomes a “heart” thing, and when it becomes a heart thing it turns into something that is emotional, and when it becomes emotional, you can break those walls down, and that’s when you see lives change.

Share some tips on how people can fit in workouts while they are traveling.

I think it’s important to have the right expectations when you travel. I train so many people who are motivated to do their workouts. They get discouraged when they travel because they can’t maintain what they are doing here--that’s just not realistic. I tell them to try and make their habits the same as they are at home. Do the best you can and don’t  try to make these “impressive gains.” Try to maintain your lifestyle because by doing that, you are keeping it more familiar. When we keep things more familiar, we feel more comfortable, motivated and inspired. I would say do what you can with what you have. So if all you have is your hotel--there are so many resources out there (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) to help us and you can even do a ten-minute workout. Just get the blood going and the sweat going. Squats, push-ups, planks, and crunches. You don’t need much space to do these workouts at all.

How is your book Seven Sunday’s different than other books?

My book touches on both faith and fitness, which is an incredible concept and so unique!

A lot of times people achieve these physical goals, but something happens after that. They sort of “fade away.” My book is different because it’s really about focusing on the heart of the individual first and foremost. With this book and this journey I take them on--I want to pull those “weeds” out from our past that created these bad habits. With most exercise books, we try to “get in shape,” but we aren’t understanding emotionally and psychologically what is going on inside us of us. All of us are dealing with stuff. With Seven Sundays, I want to take them on a spiritual and physical journey so people can understand what is happening on a deeper level and not only look for what is in the mirror.  So the goal is, once the journey is over (Seven Sundays), I want them to be able to sustain it as a lifestyle. I’m great with people achieving physical success, but I want them to achieve emotional and spiritual success as well. I want them to be able to have more fulfillment and purpose in life, to spend more time with their family, give more, and share more. All of that is super important to me, but that doesn’t happen from just doing twenty-one days of ab work. It’s really about understanding what is going on inside of the individual so they can healthily approach this process. I did that by creating a devotional--I take them through something called the six pillars of promise. I won’t go into too many details, but it’s about creating those habits in us that brings us to a place where we are starting to feel better about ourselves and loving ourselves so we can give and share more. It’s forty-three days total. I’ve gone through experiences where I’ve heard people say “do it for twenty-one days, and it will become a habit” but I’ve tried that, and it doesn’t work. I needed more time and wanted to expand it to forty-three days. I can’t wait to share more with you.