Freckle Tattoos Are the Next Big Thing in Beauty?

As per Instyle Magazine: “Back then, I felt like freckles were a reflection of my imperfection — I think a lot of young women did. For whatever reason, freckles felt “nerdy” or “geeky.” I don’t remember exactly when I started to think of my freckles as something other than bad. It must have been a gradual shift, one that’s been forming for nearly two decades after my first encounter with foundation. But my image of myself and my freckles has changed.

Whereas once I wanted nothing more than my freckles to go away — at an even younger age I tried to literally scrub them off — I now want to enhance them, to make them come back. I no longer wear foundation, and that, too, is because of my freckles. Instead, I use a tinted moisturizer that lets my freckles show through.” Read the rest here.

Image by    armedshutter

Image by armedshutter