Get a glow that’s out of this world.

Meet my Shimmer Bomb Kit. Get my new (and extra INTENSE) Shimmer Scrub, Magic Shimmer Oil & Illuminator. 3 natural, shimmery products that will leave you glowing from top to toe...

Shimmer Scrub

Did you want more shimmer? You got it. The same coffee and sugar body scrub that had a 50,000 babe waiting list are back - with 3x the shimmer. Gold & silver mica make you glow like a hot alien. Vegan.

Shimmer Scrub
frank body

Magic Shimmer Oil
A natural dry oil for your body that moisturizes skin and blurs marks, like magic. Not sticky, nor tinted, just a hydrating oil with a subtle shimmer. Nut-free and Vegan.



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 For babes who want that lit-within-glow without having to pay for organic. Made with mica, coconut & jojoba oils my 100% natural illuminator smoothes on and stays on while improving skin from the inside-out.


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Frank Body Glow Mask

Fancy a morning quickie? 5 mins to go & glow.

frank’s super quick, morning mask will give you the best O glow you’ll ever have. Pop it on your naked face for 5 minutes and experience an intense caffeine hit to the skin and mind-blowing berry goodness that will leave you glowing. Enjoy twice weekly or whenever you’re feeling frisky. The lightweight natural formula has no hidden nasties and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of babes. It’s all about putting love into your skin, not taking things out. Goji Berry Extract: should be renamed the Glowji Berry, #letsbefrank. Shea & Cocoa Butters: intensely hydrating for that flushed look. Arabica Coffee Seed Oil: Like a double espresso for your skin. The high caffeine content gets your blood pumping. Cranberry & Raspberry Seed Oil: sweet, plump fruits to give you sweet, plump cheeks. Use in combination with frank’s Sweet Cheeks face range.



GOJI BERRY EXTRACT - Chosen for its high caffeine content. Richin antioxidants and Vitamin E.

SHEA & COCOA BUTTER - Deeply hydrating and rich in antioxidants. These butters form a breathable protective barrier.
COFFEE ARABIC SEED EXTRACT - The high caffeine content tones and plumps skin and Vitamin E makes you soft & smooth.

CRANBERRY & RASPBERRY SEED OIL - High in Vitamin E and A, and contains essential fatty acids with Omega 3, 6 and 9. Seal the deal with one of his moisturizers.
frank body Glow Mask, 80ml at $21.95

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