Girl Boss Alert: Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff will be a keynote at ideation 2018

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff will serve as guest speaker for ideation 2018. This year's conference will be held in Miami Beach from October 3- 5.



Rebecca Minkoff's subtle, edgy designs have made her an industry leader in accessible luxury. Rebecca Minkoff is a global lifestyle brand that spans ready-to-wear, handbags and accessories, footwear, jewelry and watches, luggage, and swim in over 900 stores worldwide.

An industry leader, Rebecca is an active member of the CFDA, has spoken at dozens of conferences such as SXSW, Fortune's Most Powerful Women, and TEDx, and supports multiple philanthropies. She is also an industry disruptor, pushing the boundaries of fashion and tech. Rebecca lives with her husband and three children in Brooklyn, NY.

"There are key lessons for our customers to learn from Rebecca," said Karsten Newbury, senior vice president and general manager Software Solutions at Gerber Technology. "She is absolutely at the intersection of business and technology, leveraging in-store, digital and social connectivity in ways that are driving exponential success for her brand. Leveraging digital technologies in the right way is what separates winners from their competitors these days, and our integrated Digital Solutions are focused on giving our customers this competitive edge."

Rebecca is committed to innovation and technology making an impact for her customers. She has live-streamed and used drones for her runway shows and is partnering with Intel on motivating women on STEM and she has developed wearable technology. Her retail stores, labeled as "The Store of the Future" by The Wall Street Journal, were some of the first in the industry to utilize technology to build a better experience for the millennial female customer.

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