The Arkadina Project. Fringe NYC


Calling all Femme Fatales!  Ever feel like tapping into your dark side, just for a little bit? Well, now you can walk on the wild side, laugh at things you maybe shouldn’t laugh at, and delve into that wild girl that you don’t show by experiencing, The Arkadina Project. Fringe NYC, the largest international theater festival, is featuring TAP as one of it’s premier performances of the year.

The Arkadina Project is a comedy so dark you will feel guilty for laughing hard. It is a hilariously cynical, highly technological modernization of Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull”. Now, you may be thinking, “oh, so I have to know The Seagull to even understand it.” WRONG! With themes like unrequited love, celebrity obsession and parental suffocation, you won’t need to have even heard of Chekhov.

So bring your heartbroken girlfriend who loves Kimmy K and rebels against her parents to the show for a good, dark burst of laughter. She will thank you. Not only is TAP the funniest show you will see this year, it’s the highest in modern technology and graphic effects. Sit back and be amazed at their use of projections, animations, go pros, rotating walls, and unusual use of stage lighting like cell phones and laptops. You won't be snoring in a show your grandma read in middle school, you’ll be on the edge of your seat in anticipation and amazement.

TAP will be premiering at the Kraine Theater on Fourth Street in downtown Manhattan near the hottest bars and night clubs. So bring your clique, wear your stilettos, and get dark with this killer show at Fringe before you hit the town.

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See you there fetales!

  • Featuring: Ashley Kelley
  • Mikayla Orrson
  • Jon Steiger
  • Directed by: Sami Saltzman
  • Produced by: Ashley Kelley

Kraine Theater: 85 E. 4th st. NY, NY 10003

Show Dates:

  • Tuesday 8/16 at 7
  • Thursday 8/18 at 9:15
  • Monday 8/22 at 6:15
  • Wednesday 8/24 at 2:30
  • Saturday 8/27 at 3:15

Where to buy Tickets: