#GIRLVERFIED Boppy Classic Feeding & Infant Support Pillow

Image by Creative + Genius Media/Network

You would never believe who are the biggest critiques when it comes to products. If they are not happy, then you will not be happy. We are talking about, babies. I am sure many parents can agree with us when we say, If your infant does not like something, you will know almost immediately. When it comes to new moms, they are always seeking great advice, the best products, the best places, schools and more; especially when it comes to a new born and a first-time mom.  So, of course, it is important that before we share something baby, we do our best to get it #GIRLVERIFIED by the very people that may find it useful, Moms.

Boppy® sent BCG Editors their Classic Feeding & Infant Support Pillow, and we handed it over to a brand new mom in her 30's and asked her to give us feed back after 30 days. 

“ Boppy is very versatile, comfortable, and visually festive which my daughter seems to love. I have always heard breast feeding was uncomfortable, so I dreaded starting it out of fear. Once I put the Boppy in place, I was able to adjust my daughter to where I needed her, allowing both her and I to be comfortable in what is considered a not so comfortable situation for me. I honestly like Boppy, and feel it is a product every mom should have. 
— Leslie M., New York, Department Director, of a large Academic Medical Center

Boppy is #GIRLVERIFED."  

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