Glitter Hacks that are Borderline Genius

Glitter is HOT right now, and we want to nail the look without getting our eyelashes in a twist!

Glitter can something be tricky to use – but thankfully glitter kits have come to our rescue! Most of them come with stencils, applicators, and glue so that you can create new designs with ease – winning!

You can also create your glitter stamps out of makeup sponges – cut the design you would like out of the sponge and use it to press on perfectly.

Pout it out

The trick is to combine your favorite matte lipstick with a glitter glaze – really, it’s that easy! For a long-lasting result, apply a lip liner followed by the matte lip color of your choice. Then, slick on a sparkly lip gloss in the same or, if you’re feeling cheeky, apply a contrasting glitter color.

Alternatively, pat on your conventional glitter combined with a lip sealer to make it stay.

Body Beautiful

Turning your finishing spray into a glow spray is a savvy way to shimmer! Pour a liberal amount of fine powder, highlighter or shimmer into your finishing spray and shake it up! Spritz over key areas – face, collarbone, and legs (if you’re braving no tights!). It takes 30 seconds and no sticky hands –yas!

Take it off!

One reason that puts people off from using glitter is having to get it all off before bed. Not to despair, follow these hacks to remove the sparkle without losing your own quickly:

  • Dab the area with sellotape to remove most of it without getting it all over your sink.

  • Then use an oil cleanser and cotton pad to wipe away the rest.

  • Don’t use regular makeup remover – it will make it stick even more!