#GOAHEADGIRL Actress + Host, Lauren Makk,

Lauren Shares Her Top 5 SECRET Essentials to Creating Your Dream Home. Here’s how it’s done:

Photography courtesy of Lauren Makk

Essentials 1:

An inspiration piece
Whether it's a great piece of art, a bold rug, or a colorful throw - every space should start with a piece that inspires you and helps to drive your design. For me it's usually a piece of art that just speaks to me, and I let the color palette unfold from there.

Essentials 2:

A good piece of covered storage
Look, you can be the messiest person on earth with the biggest collection of junk ever, JUST DON'T LET EVERYONE ELSE SEE IT! I recommend finding furnishings and decor pieces that have secret or hidden storage in them - and put your mess inside it! Secret hiding spots you may not think of include: Ottomans with lids to store your kid’s toys, TV credenzas with doors to store your boxes of pictures/ craft supplies, and this is a big one -- CD booklets for your DVD collection. Now you know DVD's only have about another three years before those go obsolete, so toss the jewel cases, and condense the dvds in one small space that you can put away in a drawer.

Essentials 3:

Think of curtains as the hair style for your room. They play an integral roll in creating the drama and style of a room. Now, I am not talking about those gaudy, elaborate, pleated and patterned ones that your Aunt Gza Gza has; I am saying just enough to highlight the architecture and height of your spaces.
Here's my curtain tip: Always install them at the maximum height in your room (or as close to the ceiling as you can), and about 8-12" larger than your window. Make sure to get curtain panels that are the height of your ceiling and double up some panels you use on either side of the windows to account for the extra space and make them look more lush and expensive.

Essentials 4:

A good tool kit:
I love my tools. When I was little, I used to beg my mom for power tools as gifts, and now I have more tools than most of the guys I date (maybe that is why they are intimidated by me?). The key to living a life of Affordable Luxury can install or assemble some of the things you love, and often those things come cheaper disassembled and in boxes. The more you can take on yourself, the better off you will be.
Moreover, DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! You may not master the use of your tools on the first try.  Keep going. It will get easier; you will get better! 

Essentials 5:

Spray paint
I often "marry" unrelated items together by giving them a fresh coat of spray paint. Heck, who am I kidding? I change EVERYTHING with a new coat of spray paint. It is my favorite tool in my kit, and I recommend you get some today!

Do you love these tips?

I love a #GOAHEADGIRL that will give it to you straight with no chaser. Interior designer, Lauren Makk is our kind of girl. If you were an HGTV, Trading Spaces show watching addict like me, you will remember her sweet smile and designing skills, but most likely you will know her from ABC’s, FABlife talk show as one of the fabulous co-hosts. Check out her candid interview and prepare to be amazed! 

Never be afraid to mix retail with re-sell! A good home is a reflection of YOU and showcases your entire life’s experiences and valuables - not just what some magazine told you was hot last season.
— Lauren Makk


We have to give you a round of applause for implementing your mission on achieving "Affordable Luxury." You are a firm believer that this is attainable.  How did this passion come about and how do you execute a plan on what to splurge on and what to save on?


Growing up my momma taught us never to pay full price for anything! I was raised in a two single income household since my parents were divorced - but they had both mastered the art of living well within their budgets, and our home was always warm, inviting, and delightful.
I think a big misconception with most people is that they should put whatever money they have on everything else - the kids, the car, the clothes. The reality is, the biggest chunk of our budgets each month goes to our homes - whether rented or owned - and we should make it the best it can be! However, that should not have to cost you more money. Often, hanging your curtains higher to create more drama within the space, swapping out decorator pillows for the issued ones that come with your sofa, or even finding new ways to store your stuff, so your space feels clean and uncluttered elicit that feeling of luxury - and it is all AFFORDABLE!


We know you can spot a trend before it becomes trendy. Can you share your insight on what's trending now for the home and how we can stay ahead of the curve? No one wants to miss a decor movement!

I get asked this question often, and I have to say - DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE OF A TREND! Good design is about creating something timeless and classic something you can be proud of for years to come. When I think trend, I think curly perm. Sure, that was hot once, but no one wants to look like a poodle today.

Typical trends come and go and always come back again.  So, I recommend you opt for more classic trends like mid century modern silhouettes.  Art that will live forever (and if the real stuff is out of your budget, just frame a print or postcard!), and an animal hyde rug over one of geometrical print ones that all the bachelors love so much (really, what is up with that?!). If it makes you smile, and you cannot live without it, then buy it!


Fanning out here a bit, we LOVE your design hacks you shared on your show, FABLife! From putting your junk in a box to hide the mess, to adding doors to bookcases to conceal clutter, you give great tips and easy fixes. Could we dare say your home is tight and right there is a place for everything and everything is in its place?

My home is ALWAYS a work in progress, and I recently moved back to LA from Hawaii where I was living for four years. This big move was an eye opening experience because I had to liquidate the stuff that was not necessary any longer... and it has been refreshing to pair down my favorite design elements and start anew. The great news is that I have a core collection of things I love, and can hinge my new decor around these items.

One of the common misconceptions I see with many homeowners is that they put something in their home and it lives there forever. I mean, my grandma has not moved the pictures off her wall since she moved into her house in 1956. I have seen many homeowners repeat the same mistakes that the previous owner did, just because they see the indents in the flooring, so they misplace their furniture too. I challenge everyone who reads this to move one thing in your home on a monthly basis. Switch up the art from a room, get your sofa off of the wall and float it in the middle of the room, or quickly move the accessories and books around in your bookcases. Reject the idea that "there's a place for everything, and everything should be in place"!


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