Levof Tech has launched the Air Lamp, the first portable auto-levitating modern home décor piece to the market. This energy efficient piece is currently available in three different colors (Silver, Rose Gold, and Black) and features two built-in USB ports to charge your iPhone, iPad, or any other device! We think this looks kind of cool.

With the press of a button, it gracefully floats above the sleek charging base while emitting a flattering glow.

The lamp is wireless, holds enough power to last up to 12 hours, and is an eye-catching way to elevate one’s home, office, and party décor into the 21st century.

Air Lamp Benefits:

• Modern Design – Sleek and sophisticated, it blends with every décor style.
• Wire-Free – Once charged, it can be displayed on any surface from tables to bookcase nooks.
• Energy Efficient – It uses low energy LED lights and takes only 3 watts of power to charge.
• Functions as a Portable Charger – It comes with two USB ports for charging other devices.
• Smart – Its built-in sensor alerts users when the charge is running low.
• Available in 3 colors – Silver, Rose Gold, and Black

From setting the mood at intimate gatherings to putting the finishing touch on a bedside table, the Air Lamp is both stylish and functional. It can even be used to charge smartphones and devices when power outlets are not convenient.

The Kickstarter campaign launched Wednesday, May 31st. 
To back this campaign, go here

Early backers can expect to save up to $130 off retail price for a single lamp, and if Levof Technologies reaches their stretch goal of 500K, they will release a smartphone app for controlling the Air Lamp remotely.

About the company:

Levof Technologies was launched to bring creatively designed decor to the levitating product's marketplace. Their flagship product, the Air Lamp, is a modern work of art that brings sophistication and functionality to any space. Its team members come from Cogidea Co. Ltd and have ten years of expertise in the levitation field.

*This product is not #GIRLVERIFIED yet.