#GOHEADGIRL 'SHOUTOUT' Kendra makes it clear, No Bullying Allowed!

Kendra's love for her brother has inspired her to pursue a career in something that allows her to help others who see the world differently from us. A survivor of bullying herself, Kendra proves that no matter what negativity people try to push your way, loving and believing in yourself is the only way to overcome and stand firm against a bully. If she can do it, you can too. Kendra gives us a glimpse into her daily life as she strives to become the ultimate Style Maker, Mover, and Shaker. The Allens Photography captures her fun and colorful look beautifully.


  1. Endure heartbreak from a significant other, in the long run; you will have a better outlook on relationships; 
  2. Never let people underestimate you or undermine you;
  3. Embrace every aspect of your outward appearance because that is one of the many things that gives you character and makes you stand out. However, try and remember, your body does not define you.

If you want something, you have to work for it. Nothing in life is handed to you; you have to bust your butt if you want to achieve success. To see progress, you have to dedicate yourself and your time to get closer to your goals. You are the only person who can hold yourself back from thriving in life.


Bullying is, unfortunately, a common issue in our society. I was bullied, and it is overwhelming to the extreme. One piece of advice that I would tell any victim of bullying is that everything WILL get better may seem a little cliché but; challenges are thrown at you to test your strength. Everyone is unique for a reason, don't let the negative-opinionated things people say, affect how you view yourself or how you cherish your life. If I could say one thing to the person bullying someone, I would acknowledge the fact that they too have issues in their life which are causing such hatred and negativity.  However, genuinely express the overall outcome of their actions and that they'd have to live with whatever happens to that person due to their hurtful words.