Goodmen: A conversation with Showtime hit show 'Shameless,' actor, Steve Howey.

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Talking to Steve was like talking to

a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. He was warm, personable, and had a deep, profound perspective on life. I could have picked his brain for hours! After our conversation, there were certain things he said that really stuck with me, and I instantly felt positive. Even though we had this conversation over the phone, I just know Steve exudes a certain contagious and magnetic energy.  I know all of you will be just as inspired as I was after you read this interview.

-Shruti Sadana, Style Verify Senior Editor. 


Whatever belief you have, you are going to go through lessons, hard lessons, and everybody has lessons to be learned. Now, you can take these experiences, and you can either make them as a cross to bear; horrible or negatives in your life and think that you will never overcome them or take them as obstacles to overcome. Now, if you try to overcome these challenges, you will realize that everybody has problems and everybody has issues to work out, every single one of us. From the rich and successful to the lowest common denominator of humanity. The lowest of the low, meaning where they come from like a third world country and poverty. Some people that have nothing have everything. Some people that have everything have nothing inside. Read the full article in our magazine here