#GOODMEN: Actor, Michael Steger

Surround yourself with people who are going to support you, understand you and who are positive influences.
— Michael
Michael Steger Headshot 2.jpg


When we started this #GOODMEN series, we knew we were looking for particular type of men. People that are motivating, great boyfriends, husbands, sons, fathers you know a 'GOOD MAN.'  So, adding Actor Michael Steger to our list came naturally.  We all know Michael from 90210, as the handsome Navid Shirazi. What some do not know is, he is also a writer, producer, a father and a wonderful husband to his seventh-grade sweetheart. One of our favorite qualities and we say (one of) since there are so many, he is a strong believer in women's rights. Although the 90210 reign is a little behind him, he stays active in so many projects we are elated that we had a chance to pull him from his schedule and have a great conversation.  

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