Have you tried the Konjac Sponge? Here are some of the benefits of using it.

The konjac sponge, even though it sounds like cognac (a type of brandy) is a sponge made out of the vegetable fibers of the Konjac plant. It comes from Asia, and it’s also known as the devil’s tongue or voodoo lily. It’s rapidly become one of the most popular cleansing tools for face and body, first gaining popularity across Japan, China, and South East Asia, and afterward in Europe and USA. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Why is the konjac sponge so unique?

It is 100 % natural and vegan, produced from the fibers of this plant, originally grown in Japan. When dry, the sponge is hard as a rock, and when immersed in water, it softens and is perfectly suitable to gently wash the face and clear the pores from dirt and blackheads. There are different sizes available, varying from small for the face to a larger size for the body.

Benefits of the konjac sponge include:

Thorough skin cleansing, hydrating, balancing pH, exfoliating, great for all skin types, paraben free, and without any harmful ingredients.

How to use the konjac sponge?

  • Saturate the sponge with water and wait 3-5 minutes to get soft.

  • Rinse your face with water and gently start massaging mainly the T-zone to eliminate excessive sebum.

  • If you prefer, you can also use a face wash, gentle scrub, or micellar water for deeper cleansing.