How can I prevent feeling tired in the middle of the day?

No matter how mentally and physically healthy we are, or how much coffee we sip throughout the day, we all have that midday slump. Feeling this way can drastically diminish both our mental and physical capabilities. It reduces our ability to focus and even causes us to feel unproductive in any situation during the middle of the day. It is never the right time, whether at work or home trying to get a task done seems impossible. Here are some of the ways that I skip the afternoon slump and stay productive from early mornings to late nights:

  1. Get Quality Sleep. Without sleep, our bodies cannot recover from all the stress we put on it on a day to day basis. Try to sleep 7-8 hours every night so that you wake up feeling refreshed, recovered, and ready to take on the day!
  2. Eat Well. You would be surprised how far a balanced diet can lead you when it comes to how you perform throughout the day. We recommend tracking what you eat to ensure that you are eating enough to fuel your body, while also focusing properly on essential vitamins and minerals, they play an important role in keeping us functioning. Remember, these can come from fruits or veggies, or even a daily multivitamin.
  3. Get Up and Get Active. Living an active lifestyle can also go a long way in keeping you up throughout the day and getting your mental juices flowing. It does not mean you have to hit the gym hard every day of the week. A few walks at the park a week will do the trick. You could also do something as simple as stretching. If you are at work and feeling groggy, get up, stretch, walk around a bit, and get your blood flowing. Get up and get active!
  4. Take an Old School Labs' Vintage Bright, perfect for when you need to focus. Sometimes, you may be doing all of the things mentioned above, but still get that afternoon slowed down feeling. You get up, move around, chug some coffee, and still be at a point of exhaustion. For those days, and days when you know, you need to be focused, take an Old School Labs’ Vintage Bright. I use Vintage Bright and recommend it to many of my friends and colleagues for the days when my mind wanders, and all I want to do is sleep. Old School Labs has formulated Bright which is formulated using carefully selected ingredients which provide long-lasting energy but also helps support memory and brain health. Use it for strong focus once or twice daily to keep productive whether in the office, at work or in the classroom.

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