How can I really become a social media overnight success?

I notice that many will share ways you can succeed quickly online and no matter how much you try you cannot seem to grasp it or get your 15 minutes of fame. So, today let's go back to the drawing board and focus on you. Not you on social media but you behind the closed doors and way behind the cell phone. For you to become a real success, you have to realize that you are already a success. 

If you are a 70's or 80's baby think about when there wasn't any internet or social media platforms, and there was only word or mouth, face to face or the good old yellow phone book. How would you create your success? Now, for the 90's babies what if you did not have social media or the internet how you would make connections today is a great thought. 

Then think to yourself do you want to be a trend brand or a lifetime brand. With this day and age of social media is at the forefront of what seems to be the way of life, it is not surprising everyone wants to become a social media sensation.  We rely heavily on information platforms to give us news and transfer information, and for whatever their goals, people want to be intellectual leaders in their environment, they want to capture the attention of their peers.  

Now, what if we told you that with a few steps you would become the social envy of many, and it has nothing to do with Instagram or a social media platform. Instead, it has to do with you. 

Photo by Kelly Brito

Let us start.

  • Be confident in your skin. Stand tall, be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished thus far. Even if you are at your beginning stages, the point is your making moves. 
  • Acknowledge and accept your personality and write down things you would love to enhance instead of looking at who you are NOT as an individual.
  • Realize that not everyone will gravitate toward you. Once you accept this, it will make it a lot easier to appreciate those that are presently in your social circles and weed out those that do not fit. Seek out those whom you connect with positively. Trust me you will know who is for keeps when you meet them.
  • Dress for success. However, as in number one, feeling good on the inside allows you to be radiant on the outside.  
  • Smile. We have heard so many times how events can feel intimidating because everyone is serious and not smiling, but make yourself approachable. Look happy. If you are smiling on the outside, it will translate to the inside.
  • Network.  Met someone or some people you think can add value to your life and business? Don't forget to request a business card.  Follow up and keep in touch and start to build stable relationships. 
  • Host an event. Even if it is a small gathering, and even if it is in your home or apartment plan to entertain guests occasionally and encourage a plus one.  Everyone knows somebody, and it could lead to your next follower(s).
  • Pick up the phone. Social networking is great but having a chat builds relationships. People take you even more seriously when you make an attempt to have a conversation outside of Facebook. 
  • Send hello cards. Remind people you exist. Even if you connect on social networks, a hand-written card once in a while makes people feel amazing and of value. 
  • Refer. Share your new connection with others. Especially if they have something amazing going on making an attempt to share them. It is almost a welcome to your network package.
Remember, having a successful social life does not have to mean having to be a part of the “it” crowd.  It is all about being the best “YOU” possible, living life with confidence and poise.


Photo header by Stil Classics