How do I pose for my engagement shoot?

Every couple that's about to have their engagement shoot wants to know the best way to pose. Well with the help of Edward Lai Photography I think we may have figured it out. You will want your photos to show what makes you as a couple unique and you will want them to speak louder than words. 

Photography by Edward Lai Photography.

1. The woman should cup her hand onto his arm, and lean her head softly on his shoulder. 

Photography by

2. Have your guy gently lean over you with one hand on the shoulder the next by elbow.

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3. Close eyes and face each other as if you are looking at each other. Foreheads should touch.

4. Sit on one of his legs slightly knees up, and foreheads should touch.

5. Your eyes should stay open and his eyes closed. Both of you should smile, and your foreheads should touch. Place your hand in a way to show off your engagement ring.

6. If possible jump on his back for a quick pose. Have him look as if he is slightly looking at you. However, he is looking slightly to the left or right of you. It all depends on the direction of the photo. You bare down at him and smile.

7. Our most favorite of all is the teenagers in love pose. Have him sit on the bench top, and you sit in between his legs. Both of you should close your eyes, and he should embrace you with a warm hug, or hold your hands. He should then close with a kiss on your forehead.