How do I protect myself on Social Media?

With all of the different social media platforms in the world today, it is incredible how far we have come since the advent of the internet in 1991.
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram are some of the more common names.  Best of all, we have them all at our fingertips, as most media forums are available via our smartphones and similar devices.

With all the fun interaction, writing on each other's walls, sharing funny pictures, and tweeting at our favorite celebrities, we still have to keep ourselves safe.  Many predators and people with ill intent remain to lurk who can misappropriate passwords and identity or even tarnish our relationships.  Acknowledging and taking precautionary measures is crucial.

Attached to each social media account, we must have a login/username and correlated password. Albeit keeping the same login information for each account may seem straightforward, the simpler the accessibility you are leaving for someone else. Your best bet is to switch up your login information for each account, even if it is only the password. Also, commit to never sharing your passwords with anyone. An ideal option is to write them down and keep them in a safe place where no one can get access to them.

The same advice can also apply toward non-social media accounts, such as your bank account, whose information can usually access on your phone or online.

Another aspect of safeguarding yourself is protecting your online reputation.  Posting comments and pictures are part of the social culture; however, it is important to factor in your audience.  A great rule of thumb is when in doubt, don't.  While there may be no consequences, some very unlucky people have faced backlash, costing them their reputations. My best advice is not to post anything you would not want your grandparents to see.  Give thought BEFORE you post. 

The World Wide Web is a big area that you do not want to get caught up badly.  Make smart decisions every day, including those online. 

Safe surfing!

Header by  Josh Rose on Unsplash