How do I survive my vacation commute?

Packing a suitcase can be one of the most stressful parts of your future travel experience. How will you make it through? The way to do it is Carry-On.
Just a carry-on – oh hell no - Yes
Avid travelers, think you have got this - think again. We are giving our females the secrets to your most comfortable travel commute ever. Tools you have thought of, uses you have not.

Carry-on Suitcase

The ideal carry-on should have four wheels, and a (reasonably) leveled top for resting your purse. After more than two dozen trips taken and inconvenienced, I have FINALLY learned that four wheels and a level top are necessary. Suitcases with two wheels can become dreadful when you have a further commute after you depart the plane. The suitcase with only two wheels, you will learn is not the best option. Keep in mind, to wheel the bag you have to tilt it and tipping the carry on means the weight will end up resting on your arms.

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Sucks when you have a commute to the airport (after you are already exhausted from traveling, and jetlag is settling in). Added weight to your already weary bones is dreadful. Since purchasing this Samsonite, I have been able to

1) carry it on the plane, yep no waiting for the airline to distribute luggage and even better,
2) no risk of my luggage getting lost. This bag comprises of four wheels so no need to travel and add weight to my already weary body. During my last trip, we had to take the plane to the train to the bus (HA), and I was able to open the compartment where the back straps are housed and toss it on my back as opposed to lifting the bag up and down steep stairwells. This bag also provided a significant function in that it acted as my foot rest in between commute. 

 A foldable backpack

#TTF Is currently loving Romane Foldable Backpack  Image  via

#TTF Is currently loving Romane Foldable Backpack  Image via

You want a backpack for not only the obvious of a hand's free experience but, for extra storage because after all you did pack a carry-on and probably stuffed the heck out of it leaving no room for not one souvenir. Even if you have no qualms with occupied or unoccupied hands, you will discover that you will need a place to pack your souvenirs or anything you picked up on your trip.

A foldable backpack starts off as a zippered pouch so on your outbound travel can be placed in your purse or your carry-on compartment, then un-zippered converts into a full sized backpack. Perfect for keeping your hands available to wheel your carry-on and showing your boarding pass and identification during your commute. I particularly like using a color that matches most of my clothes or my jacket. You can buy these on Amazon or your local discount store for as little as $10.

Noise blocking headphones

You found that cheap flight but the airline charges for everything. Having your headphones will give you another opportunity not to have to shell out more money. In the case when spending a few dollars for the airline’s headphones is not an issue, or when that the stewardess gives them to the guests as a courtesy, there are a few other reasons you will want these. The couple behind you on the plane just will not stop talking or, even worse, the baby on the aircraft is crying while you are trying to ease into your long flight. Noise blocking headphones will relieve you from the other opportunity you will find to turn around and tell them to please keep it down.

#TTF is currently loving  Urbanears

#TTF is currently loving Urbanears

Last but not least, noise blocking headphones have a better sound quality than those economic headphones.  If you have Bose or Beats by Dre headphones, you are winning. However, a less expensive option and the ones I use are Sony’s white headphones. They sell for around $20 at stores like Best Buy or even Wal-Mart. My family and I use them, and they have lasted for several years now with no complaints. They are durable, have amazing sound and noise blocking quality and are even comfortable resting on the ears if and when you fall asleep or only need to block out the white noise. They also fold flat so you can pop them in out of your purse without occupying as much space.

Universal converter

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So you are an avid traveler, and you know this or, you probably researched the heck out of your trip and figured this out. Here is one thing you may not have known or remembered - READ the amp/watt specifications for each outlet before plugging in your device. There’s nothing like preparing to get all dolled up and blowing out your flat iron before you can get your hair did because you plugged your device into the socket that reads “shavers only.” Plus, the smell of burning gadget is a lit-tle scary.

Neck pillow, with…

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Okay, so you are already up on traveling with a neck pillow, but, does it have a button? YEP, a travel pillow with a button will allow you to secure your pillow to your bag and not have to stop every five minutes during your commute to adjust it. I especially love the memory foam neck pillows because it secures my head, so I do not end up nodding on the person sitting next to me.

Travel Space Bag

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The common belief is that you need a vacuum to seal those travel space bags. Who the heck has time to grab it first of all, and two, how are you supposed to get a vacuum on the return? Welp, you do not need one. Travel space bags are for you to roll the air out, compressing all of your garments so that you can fit all your precious items into your carry-on.

I love throwing my stuff into the space bag because of its fun AND seeing HOW all my cute outfits that I picked out will fill into my carry on. Not convinced? Sometimes you get a representative that does everything by the book and will give you a hard time with your carry on because of its weight. If this happens, all you have to do is open up the suitcase and remove the space bag (that housed all your clothes) and voila, your carryon bag now meets the weight requirements. Females, you will wonder how you did not try this out sooner.