How do I trust the decisions I make?

When you make a real HEART decision, it's pure. And no matter the outcome, you should feel good about it, because for what it's worth, you took the risk. Hopefully you did your best, or tried, and you no longer have to wonder, or question, or be involved in something that doesn’t serve you or those involved.

When you make a decision stemming from an unhealthy EGO, and insecurities, then you will lose, and you will live with it. This isn’t a heart decision, it's a fearful, paranoid, worrisome, guarded effort to keep your ego safe. Think about it.

Everyday is an opportunity to choose better, to DO better. So just do it without obsessing over what is already done—you can’t change it. Start with you. Only you can change you. Those who truly love you will allow you to make mistakes, and stick around even after bad decisions, so long as its not damaging their lives, or person. They’ll support you and allow you to learn, grow, and even GO if you need. Let the “heart and soul” of YOU, lead you.

Header Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash