How is lipstick 'kiss-proof'?

No long lasting lipstick can withstand dry, chapped lips. To make your lipstick lasts longer, use a gentle exfoliator to remove any flaky patches and follow it up with a moisturizing lip balm. This will provide an even base to your lip color and help it last the entire day.


To make sure that the lipstick does not run off the edges, fix it with some loose, transparent powder. Dab off the applied lip color with a tissue, re-draw the contour with the matching contour pencil and then dust off with a powder brush. Choose a long-lasting lip color and add a transparent top coat to ensure a fresh lip look from morning to evening - without blurring and fading. Thanks to the innovative technology of some products on the market, your look can now last up to 24 hours.
Another way to keep your lip looking lush all day is to add a fixer to the lipstick, so it has a "long-lasting" finish and needs to be removed with a special make-up removal lotion. The other and much gentler and more natural way is to apply the lipstick to the lips, sprinkle with transparent powder and apply a second layer over it. Thus, the lipstick keeps much longer, gets a more intense color and stays in place when kissing.

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