How to Use an Eyeshadow Palette

So many palettes, so many possibilities! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of shades in the eyeshadow palette. It’s time to stop sticking to what we know and time to use the ‘barely touched’ shades from your palette!


Where to put what:

Light Shades:

Every time you open an eyeshadow palette, start by locating the lightest shade. Use the light colors under the brow bone and the corner of the eye to highlight. That means whites, champagnes, or reflective shades as they can brighten your entire eye.

Medium Shades:

Adding medium toned shades to the crease of your eye to add dimension and depth to your eyeshadow look. Where part of the lid sinks the most, sweep a warm or cool toned color, blending it out on any harsh lines.

Deep Shades:

The very edge of your crease that sits parallel to the end of your brow is known as the ‘outer V.’ Here is where you should sweep the darker shades in the palette.

Lower Lash Line: Here is where you can apply almost any color. Bright shades give some unexpected color to make your eyes pop, whereas deeper shades can line and define the eyes.

Brush Tips

A tapered fluffy brush is considered one of the best tools to use for blending all the colors. For the contouring, however, you should use a short, dense brush for really depositing the color. Blending tip brushes smoke out the eye for a sultry effect. Finally, the angled liner brush is your best friend when it comes to applying eyeliner.

Application do’s and don’ts

The primer keeps your shadow from creasing or falling off during the day, so do apply a primer before you start with the eyeshadow palette. Use small patting and dabbing motions to apply your all-over shadow color. For blending, make sure you practice blending gentle movements with your blending brush. Don’t be afraid to make a very defined shape first, then to mix it, so the edges fade away.