I am a new mom in need of good tips!

Meet Melissa, a new mom of a beautiful baby girl that has all the tips you want to know before becoming a new mom. She offers the new moms inspirational advice in this #GIRLTALK. Melissa makes sure to include the most valuable tips for enjoying your pregnancy, having grocery deliveries to simply appreciating your partner because you are in it together for the long haul. As a new mom, Melissa shares her knowledge so that every mom or mom-to-be can take pride and enjoy their journey. Check out her tips with photos of her little princess.

Photography by Happy Zebra 

Enjoy your pregnancy (as much as you can when you are not feeling nauseous or tired); and ignore the doomsday people,  the ones who tell you how you will NEVER sleep, nap, work out, or wash your hair, ever again once that baby comes. Yes, your time will be a lot less flexible once the baby arrives, but you will learn how to prioritize and figure things out. If fitness is important, you will get that workout in and let the laundry wait.

  • If a clean house is your thing, you will strap that baby into the chest carrier and include her in your vacuum routine. You probably can't have it all, but you can have the most important things once you get into your routine.
  • Outsource as much as you can, especially if both parents will be working. Grocery delivery is fantastic; a house cleaner, even once a month to do the heavy work, is a gift from God; Amazon Prime it instead of dragging yourself to Target or Babies R Us for that bottle brush that no one bought from your registry.  
  • Take advantage of the help that people offer, take them up on babysitting so you can see a movie with your partner. You would be surprised at how amazing a few hours away can help you reconnect.
  • Appreciate each other. It is easy for things to become tense once you have a little dictator running the show. You both need to eat, sleep, work, and it can be hard not to bicker about who gets to do what and when.
  • At the end of the tornado of the day, a "great job Mom/dad" goes a long way. Just knowing someone appreciates the fact that you cooked dinner one handed while managing not to splatter hot spaghetti sauce on the baby makes a difference.

Then, get some sleep!

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