I used this soap and did this to get beautiful skin

Black Soap. 

1. Every night I wipe my face thoroughly with a washcloth in circular motions before I wash my face. I do not use soap or face wash when I do this. Just simple medium warm water and a rag will work just fine.  


2. Then depending on what day it is, I wash with black soap. 

3. The reason I say depending on what day it is is because black soap dries out my skin. So I limit the use to 3 times a week. 

4. I also use black soap as a mask once a week. However, I am cautious about how long I keep it on my face because it begins to burn. I also prefer to buy natural black soap, which I get from Africans. The ones sold in stores have preservatives that can irritate my skin. (It is usually sold as a rock or soft in a bucket.)

5. Then I moisturize my face religiously with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. I put this on at night as a well as in the morning and before I put on makeup.  

6. For my eyes, I place a little bit of vaseline below them. It helps me from getting bags especially when I stay up late and have to get up early. Plus, my aunt always told me to do this to prevent wrinkles, and I must say she does not have any and she is way in her 60's.

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