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A British fitness company committed to developing sustainable fitness products, has created one of the world’s first carbon-negative circular yoga mats - and they're available to the US market.

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Form, a company established in London by two entrepreneurs Toby Marshman and Heidi Benham, aims to create a movement within the fitness industry, developing high-performance fitness products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainability: With a strong focus on the environment, the mats are made from recycled natural rubber and recycled plastic bottles so no extracting of resources and helping the fight against single-use plastic waste. 

The production and delivery of the mats follows a carefully monitored carbon-negative assessment taking into account the carbon emitted per mat, distance travelled, and modes of transport used to ship to customers. This is the offset through a partnership with charity, SolarAid, which is working to reduce carbon in the atmosphere through a number of global projects. 

With many mats on the market today made from PVC or other toxic materials, the Form yoga mat is silicone, toxic glue and phthalate-free. While the mats are designed to last, they are also designed to be recyclable when the time comes for their replacement. 

Form is also working to use only recyclable packaging in the coming months, replacing the plastic wraps that currently protect the mats curing carriage.   

Design & Performance: The Form grid is original and unique to Form. It has been added to the mats to improve alignment and consistency throughout a workout. In addition, the ultra-soft top layer provides a grippy surface to work out on and protects the non-slip rubber base. 

A body of research has proven the positive effects of round shapes on the human mind, with circles shown to help increase focus and evoke feelings of completeness – ideal for those practicing yoga and meditation. The round shape also prevents the need to turn the mat during class and also facilitates pregnant women and those trying yoga with children or a partner.

The mats are also machine washable.

The yoga mats are available to buy through the Form website for customers around the world. The mats will also be available on Amazon for customers in the US and Canada by early December. 

NEW releases are planned on December 10th including a new snowy mountain design for winter.

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