Find out why the President and I travel to Martha’s Vineyard year after year.

Scores of people flock to New England for their summer vacation. For those seeking a perfectly balanced holiday, Martha’s Vineyard (“MV”) is the absolute choice. MV is a 100 square mile island south of Cape Cod and is a must visit. With tons of entertaining and relaxation options, this place is high on my (and President Obama’s) vacation repertoire.

Here are just a few reasons I continue to coordinate my vacation planning far in advance to visit:

Quaint and Charm:

There are six towns on Martha’s Vineyard, each town having its appeal.

There are no big box stores on the island, so it maintains its charisma. The allure of Edgartown is its vibrant landscapes, historical architecture and convenient town center comprising of charming shops and a plethora of eateries.

Safe and comfortable:

When Traveling with others, you will find you are interested in experiencing something different other than what your travel mates are wanting?

MV is where you can do just that. There is an efficient bus system that goes through every town. You can hop on and off the buses any time during their running hours, early or late and alone if that is your interest without safety being an issue.

Delicious food:

For sure there is no shortage of dining options here at MV, from fine seafood to amazing mom and pop shops the finickiest of palettes will be satisfied.

Friendly People:

No matter where I travel if I am encountering friendly people, I am capturing it in my memory.

There are times when I need a direction, need to know where the nearest bus stop is, where a place to eat is, suggestions or information. Moreover, every year I travel here my experience has been consistent. While I have not traveled to all locations (yet), I am sure the nicest people are on MV.


One factor in deciding my trip includes the concern for diversity. Travel to MV in the summer, you will find all ages, and people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds equally and it feels oh so comforting.

Beautiful beaches:

When I think of a vacation, having access to a beach is high on my list of must-haves, and Martha’s Vineyard has many, each with its vibe. South Beach is my choice for tranquility and soft white sand. Pack your picnic. However, there are no facilities other than the Porta Potty restrooms.


You will find there are many options and if you check the local newspaper, venues are listed which are organized and include the type of atmosphere and the kind of music playing.

Bustling towns:

Need things to do to pass your time?

Go discovering. There is a myriad of options for you; cute shops, beautiful sightseeing, water views, marinas, sunsets, eateries, bicycle and motorsport rentals. The middle to end of August is Martha’s Vineyard’s busiest time of year, so you will need to book months in advance. Not only is the president, his family and the presidential entourage there, but many festivities and activities are going on, sans the chaos. Traveling solo or with girlfriends, visit Martha’s Vineyard the third week in August and you will be in for a vacation that will keep you returning every year as well.