Have you seen Lane Bryants And Cacique Release Video Celebrating All Women

Leading plus size apparel brand Lane Bryant and intimate apparel line, Cacique, are staying true to the brands' ethos of body positivity and self-love with a new video dedicated to uplifting and empowering all women to embrace their inherent beauty in a mission for inclusivity.

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Cacique and Lane Bryant, who parted ways with the Victoria's Secret family 18 years ago, issued the video standing behind their conviction that women are more than entertainment and that fantasies have no size. The Cacique video expresses the brands' long-held beliefs in inclusivity, as well as their commitment to championing women of all shapes by realistically portraying women in their brand imagery. Simply put, Cacique is sending the world a message to those who feel underrepresented in the media: we are beautiful, too.

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"Our hope is that the millions of modern women who share our same core beliefs of inclusivity, body positivity and female empowerment will join us in our commitment to celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. We feel proud and privileged to play a small part in paving the way for a more inclusive world for generations of women to come," said EVP/GMM of Cacique Intimates, Marcy Schaffir. "If we can show just one woman that she is beautiful and worthy just as she is, not only with inclusive marketing, but with beautifully designed intimates that fit her impeccably as well, then we have done our job as a brand."

Through this new video, Cacique and Lane Bryant want to convey that there is room for ALL women to be celebrated both culturally and in the media. Cacique and Lane Bryant want everyone to know they are welcome to sit with them to support and uplift one another. 

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Join both brands as they encourage women to take to social media to not only celebrate ALL women, but to share their beauty as well. Support the brands' commitment to realistically portraying women in everything they do by following the NEW Cacique social media channels. Cacique and Lane Bryantalso encourage those who are inspired by the campaign to share photos of themselves on their pages with the hashtag #weareallthefantasy and to challenge their friends to do the same. Everyone and anyone who believes in a world where every BODY and their beauty is celebrated can join the movement by sharing this video https://vimeo.com/user9877926/review/303884532/ff6ed7b241.

Cacique intimate apparel is available in Lane Bryant stores at and Cacique.com. For more information on Cacique, please visit Cacique.com.

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