Let's Help Sammi Shine ! #GOAHEADGIRL


Samantha or Sammi Nicks has always been in the background of the music scene, lending her talents to stars like Demi Lovato, Sam Smith, Dr.Dre, Fantasia, and Duran Duran. She is now committed to stepping into the spotlight so she can share her story with the world and let her light shine bright enough to make a luminous impact in this world.

Like many legends, Sammi's story began in the spotlight. Growing up in a Baptist church in the Bronx, she was the one people would call upon to perform solos. Shy at first, she'd often try to run away from the attention and even avoid going to church altogether. At the time, she did not see her talents as being a gift but instead an uncomfortable magnet for attention. She is glad to admit that this is not the case anymore as she has committed to showcasing her talent. 


This commitment propelled her to perform in a major world tour with Demi Lovato in 2015. Afterwards, Sammi began writing her debut EP Shine. An idea that came to her once she realized that she was destined for a higher calling to benefit society through messages of faith. She could not find the perfect venue to fit her faith-based message so in the year following, she started a music night for up and coming artists, named NiteLight, at a prayer house called the Radiance, located on the Sunset Strip. It was there that she formed Pink Lotus, a band formed with several of her alma matter from Berklee, and some of the friends she is met in L.A. 

In 2017 she started singing on the worship team at a church in Mission Viejo called Mission Viejo Christian Church where she met co-producer Ed White who also worked with Grammy receiving gospel singer Hezekiah Walker. Together, Sammi and Ed worked on Shine and began to produce songs, creating new ones and edgy remixes of some of our favorites. 

Shine is currently a four-song EP that touches on topics like divorce, women empowerment, colorism, and motivation. However, before the final product can come out, she needs our help. Sammi has goals to raise 5,000 dollars so she can finish recording, mixing and mastering her tracks. With our help Sammi can release her vision into this world and spread her positive message to the rest of the world.   

Let's help Sammi Shine by January 9, 2018 ! Here is her Kickstarter where there are amazing perks in store for those who help Sammi on her journey.