Lifestyle tips from a College Graduate. #GOAHEADGIRL



Jazzmine is graduating with a degree in Biology.  Photography by Texas Sweet Photography

Jazzmine is an incredible girl who is graduating from the University of North Texas in 2017 with a degree in Biology. Check out what tips she had to share with incoming first-year students. #GOAHEADGIRL  Photography by Texas Sweet Photography.  



The Pixie Cosmetics skin care line is a must-have for me. It is fantastic, and I take it wherever I go, I use it daily and sometimes even twice a day! It makes my skin feel vibrant and rejuvenated. I have recommended this line to so many of my friends and family. I also convinced my mom to use it, and she loves it as much as I do! 

Advise for incoming Freshmen

I would say get involved. College is what you make it, and aside from grades, building friendships and connections will help you gain the most out of your college experience.

If I could do college all over again...

If I could start college over, I would be more adventurous. I met many people and had fun, but I stayed in a level of comfortability and never ventured out and did something drastic so I think I would use my do over and do all the things that would pull me out of my comfort zone.

When it comes to college dating...

People in college tend to know what they are after, whether that is dating or relationships. In college, everything is more straightforward and to the point. So if you are ready to date in school, I would say be bold and just get out there because chances are someone else is feeling the same way you do.

Best way to stay focused in school...

I have always maintained good study habits, however, what helped me in college was having friends that would hold me accountable. We would all have study sessions, and we would each set a goal and say at the end of this session I want to have this and this done, and then we would make sure that everyone hit their goal!

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