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The love-at-first-site story of couple Maiki and Ezra. Taken in Denver, with stormy skies and a promise of rain Keziah still managed to capture this maternity beautifully without a hiccup. Maiki and Ezra met at a wedding and fell head over heels immediately. From what we have heard they are infamous among family members for being scandalous on the dance floor that night. We had a little #GIRLTALK with Maiki who shares a few tips and inspiration with our readers.

“When I met Maiki, I had envisioned sun-drenched, soft images with a gentle, relaxed feel but when Ezra came in the picture, I quickly realized these two were like wildfire together. It was pretty cool to see how their intense love and attraction for each other is still burning high.”
— Keziah Kelsey

Photographer Keziah Kelsey

Share your definition of love. 
Mutual respect for each other, unwavering support, open communication, and some sweet, sweet attraction.

A moment where you feel you have ‘redefined’ something?

I feel like I redefined my life a few years ago. I was working a job I was not happy at, didn't know what direction I wanted my life to go. My mother unexpectedly passed away, and I used that as a turning point to change everything in my life that did not make me happy. I quit my job, did a yoga teacher training program, started teaching yoga, and then went to nursing school and found a job that I love and feel like I make a personal difference every day. I miss my mother every day, but I look to her work ethic, spirit, and passion for finding motivation in my own life. Life is too short to stay in situations that make you unhappy or leave you unfulfilled.

When I need motivation I?

Write out lists! The more organized I am, the more I accomplish.

Share a secret every female should know to keep a lasting relationship. 
Find a man that is worthy of keeping around, and treat him with respect, be open and communicate effectively.

What's your typical date night?

Going out to a good dinner followed by some live local music. Denver is developing a great culinary scene, and Ezra has worked in the service industry for years, so we usually can hit up something new and delicious. Ezra is also a musician and knows tons of local musicians, so he learns who is coming through town, so there's always something exciting going on.

Quick dinner recipe to cook for your man?

We love cooking at home together, so it is hard to nail down one recipe. Our favorite would probably be making homemade pizzas. It allows us to get creative experimenting with different flavor combinations and we work well together.

What's your two top pet peeves, when it comes relationships?

To make assumptions, It is easier to ask direct questions and tell them how you feel than to play games and be coy and assume that the other person knows what you are thinking. Along with that is not having open communication. Things are so much easier when you can talk openly about what's going on.

Your girlfriends should never [fill in the blank] when it comes to your relationship?

This one is tough because I have lost a couple of friendships due to relationships. I think all you can do is support the friend even if you do not support their decisions, and try to remain as supportive and non-judgmental as possible even if they are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Also, remember, at the end of the day, we are all adults capable of making our own decisions.

If you could have lunch with one high profile celebrity couple who would that be and what kind of cocktail would you order, and why?

Not a couple, but Anthony Bourdain mainly because I know we would eat the best meal possible! I would order a Kir Royale because nothing is classier (or more delicious) than a glass of champagne.

Worst and best advice you have ever received?

Best advice: The Four Agreements. Everyone should read this book at least once in their life, if not on a regular basis.

The agreements are:

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don't take anything personally
  • Don't make assumptions
  • Always do your best

Worst advice: Honestly, if it is bad advice, I did not even let it make it past my short term memory there is no reason to keep the bad advice in my mind.

Bring the butterflies in your relationship back by [fill in the blank]?

Traveling! Pack a bag and get out of your element and create an adventure together. It does not matter if it is a quick trip to the mountains, outside the city, or across the world with just a carry-on.

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