Beauty Spot: Christian Abouhaidar Eyelashes

Elegant, glamorous and timeless are just three of the words used to describe a new range of false eyelashes from renowned make-up artist, Christian Abouhaidar. The classic false eyelash has had a makeover. Set to take the industry by storm, make-up artists and glamour fans alike will be left amazed by the new handcrafted false eyelashes from one of the most exciting make-up artists of this generation. The sophisticated and natural looking lashes transform looks and turn heads in equal measure.



Christian says, “I have always been creative. And my passion for artwork and painting soon turned to make-up – which I think gives me an edge when it comes to creating sophisticated looks. I understand color and the importance of small details, and as a result, know how to create subtle but glamorous looks for all occasions. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and every make-up artist puts increased emphasis on the eyes. However, the more I surrounded myself with false lashes, the more I the problems with them, such as their flimsy nature, unnatural looks and single-use policy. And that’s why I decided to create my line of lashes. The lashes are ideal for lovers of lashes who still want to look natural, while their reusability makes them ideal for everyday wear.”



Based in Lebanon, Christian prides himself on his different approach to make-up and beauty. His effortless talent has helped him to achieve international recognition as one of the top make-up artists in the Middle East, working with well-known television stars on some of the continent’s most celebrated shows.



The eyelashes are handcrafted from imitation mink tail hair. A specific cut is used to create an even and natural spread of lash. The bristles are joined to the strip and dyed before being left to dry in the wind. The lashes are then designed in the unique 3D style for each style. This whole process makes them incredibly long-lasting, while also helping to appear more natural on the eye. A staple of women’s makeup bags for many years, eyelashes are nothing new. But Christian has used this extensive experience in the industry to create some truly unique lashes that will change them forever. There are currently five styles to choose from, each with their look. Flirtare, Fiori and Luna are perfect for creating natural drama, while Stella and Gloria are more understated but no less glamorous.


Release + Photos by Christian Abouhaidar