Protect your makeup brushes like you'd protect yourself. We'll show you how!

Image by  @wendy_online

Image by @wendy_online


It's time we let you in on a little secret. Up until recently, we have not been treating our brushes like the investments they are. Whenever we're out and about, we simply toss them into a cute makeup tote. And whenever we wash them, we let them air dry on a paper towel. All of this is what causes the brushes to lose their original shape. And splayed brushes can only create less precise makeup applications, but thankfully the Brush Guard is here to fix that. It's a multifunctional flexible and polyester tube that is designed to protect the shape of your brushes. After washing our brushes, we wrapped them in a brush guard so the bristles can dry in place without splaying. We even took it to the test on our last flight and were surprised that it protected the brushes without altering the shape. They're also great for protecting your brushes from dust. That is why this triple whammy beauty is #girlverified. 

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