Simplistically beautiful wedding details sure to take your breath away.

Wedding photos of a beautiful couple that had special packages which made this future family extra special. 

Photography by y Heather & Jared Photography

Photography b

“When Brock asked Jenny to marry him, he wasn’t just asking Jenny. He was also taking on the responsibility of her two sweet kids.”
— says, Heather of Heather & Jared Photography

The groom entered into his bride's life while her children were young. Starting a relationship with a person when there are young children takes courage and strength and indeed describes a fantastic character.

Heather shares, Brock has been their light at the end of the tunnel, their safe zone in times of stress, their person who showed them how to live in the moment and be present for all life has to offer. 

Last Thursday Heather flew to New York and on Friday what she witnessed was so beautiful, it left her overly emotional. "It was nothing short of a fairytale and something special to be a part of, says Heather.

To close out the evening, they had candlelit homemade dinner under the stars, surrounded by their closest friends and a whole bunch of love was what they envisioned when they were planning their day. The night ended with singing, dancing, and delicious S'mores by the campfire.