Style tips: Wearing Heels through Pain. Check out our alternatives.


Heels can often add sophistication and style to a particular outfit, however, at what point do we have to realize that looking after our feet is essential? Let's face it—no matter how fabulous a pair of heels are, they will not add anything positive to your outfit if you are uncomfortable and rendered unable to walk. They will only detract from what you are wearing. No one is happy with sore feet caused by uncomfortable shoes. Showing confidence and a smile should be much more important than a pair of heels.

If you are looking for an alternative to heels, then why not invest in a smart pair of attractive flats? Aldo is ideal for investments like this. We choose two of our favorites. 

Womens Bazovica shoes. 

Womens Torrazza

If you dislike wearing uncomfortable heels, remember there are many alternatives to choose. 

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