Sunlit Palm House Wedding + a walk with love by bride Alexis

Nothing feels better than marrying the one you love. That is exactly how newlywed, Alexis Victor feels about marriage with her current husband Anthony. Alexis talks to BCG about how she defines love gives great advice to staying organized for the big day and even recommends a steamy shower with your partner every now and then. See how Alexis doesn't try to "hold onto the magic" by living in the present with her marriage and knowing that with time there's room to grow with a lot more to show. Enjoy the beautiful line up of photos captured by Asteria Photography

When I first started dating Anthony, everything else in my life felt like a distraction. But it wasn’t love at first sight, I don’t quite believe in that anyway. I think that love is what happens after that initial whirlwind of infatuation subsides. It arrives later, when you know all the flaws and eccentricities of the other person and you wholeheartedly accept them. You look them in the eyes and yearn to make them always feel uniquely valued, protected, and authentically themselves. Love is realizing that neither of you will do this perfectly all the time, but each of you wants to practice at it for the rest of your lives.
— Alexis

Words from the bride:


I used Evernote to organize my wedding planning. It’s a handy digital workspace you can access from any of your devices – cell phone, tablet, laptop – which means you can wedding plan on the go. I used it to document vendor research and keep track of my to-do list. You can create notebooks for different vendors or topics and add text, photos, checklists, reminders, locations, and tags. 


No matter how organized you are, wedding planning is going to be stressful. Organization, money, hired professionals, or help from friends can all help, but nothing will make it a walk in the park. There are bound to be a few surprises and at least one bout of family drama. My best advice is to prioritize and continue to prioritize throughout the whole planning period. Think about which elements are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves. Focusing on what’s most important to you can soften the blow when other things don’t go as planned. Hopefully, your list starts something like this:
1. Marry the person I love.
2. Celebrate with loved ones.


Don’t try to "hold onto the magic” or maintain the current state of your relationship. Know that relationships aren’t static; they’re bound to change. Welcome that unknown future by striving to change in positive ways – It’s okay for both of you to grow and evolve. Learn more about each other whenever possible and try new ways of demonstrating your affection. Go out and have new experiences together.


Shower together

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