Stewart Stand Business Card cases

This Item is #GIRLVERIFIED. 

Stewart/Stand Business/Credit Card Cases. Our editors are carrying them everywhere they go.  One is to hold our business cards, debit cards, and maybe even our license and the other to keep business cards that we receive when we head out to events. It is lightweight, yet sturdy.

The Stewart/Stand Business/Credit Card case is pocket-sized with a snap closure. It features rich black premium full-grain leather + accents of triangle textured stainless steel textile on the front.

We know you love the look but what makes this handy card case even more unique is the textured stainless steel block unauthorized transmission from RFID enabled credit cards & IDs. Love that! Add them to your shopping list. #GIRLVERIFIED

NEXT UP: NARS Lipgloss

How can we say this in a lovely way? Chelsea Girls lip gloss by NARS is one beautiful color that can wear all year long. We have a diverse of editors, and every one of us can carry this lip gloss everywhere we go. We love the long lasting effect.  #GIRLVERIFIED

KIKO Milano  Unlimited Stylo, Cocoa just came across our desk, and we are pretty smitten with it. Honestly, this brand of makeup is just as fabulous as the other high-end brands but with the low-end price you prefer. We were honestly surprised at how long it lasted and how smooth it went on. When your lipstick does not cost over $18 for some reason, you might give it the side eye. Females, it is okay to pay under $10 bucks for excellent quality. In fact, this brand is all the rage in Europe. #GIRLVERIFIED #GOAHEADGIRL add it to your shopping list.

Illustrations by Nicola Styles