#GOAHEADGIRL: Eryn Eddy Founder of So Worth Loving

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I didn’t set out to start a lifestyle clothing company, my movement to spread self-love and self-empowerment quickly just evolved into what So Worth Loving is today: a company that believes in talking about the thing most people don’t like talking about—our common struggle with self-worth and how worthy of love we actually are— through fashion.
— Eryn Eddy

Her words powerful, inspiring and motivating. She is young, bright, colorful. Eddy shares every day why you are so worth loving!

First things first, I am not a counselor, and I do not have a remedy for lack of self-worth. You have to find the source behind why you are not valuing yourself and then face it. Wrestle with it, and then seek advice and encouragement from positive people. If it is an insecurity, figure out why you struggle with that insecurity and face it. Moreover, it is so important to talk about it; secrets fester and do more damage. So speak up about what you are feeling, and then speak out against it.

There is a great mission behind your clothing brand, share why you chose fashion to get your mission across:

I believe that there is power in fashion. What we wear and our style is that most iconic way to make a statement. Fashion is an entryway into starting conversations with friends as well as total strangers.

Tell us about your schooling experience before your business venture:

I did not go to college. After high-school, I worked with a non-profit and worked my way up from grunt work to becoming the art director before I left. What I learned it is priceless!

What can you share with young people striving to pursue the goal of entrepreneurship?

Make sure to surround yourself with safe people who can speak to you. People who will take the initiative in helping you reach your goals, your dreams; in the real world.  You always have to be willing to grow and change as an individual-- more so, there will be moments when you will need to be able to admit when you are wrong. Moreover, no matter what, it is so, so important to accept and embrace what you truly believe to be your mission.

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked, and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.
— Mother Teresa

Who inspires you most whether in your personal life or the public sphere?

There isn't one person who inspires me more than others. Individuals who possess characteristics and qualities that don't come as naturally to me because those are the people that challenge me. They make me aware of my weaknesses and force me to face and conquer them.

Words of advice for anyone wanting to start a clothing company:

Many voices together are bigger than one voice alone. Don't start one just to say you founded a clothing company-- JOIN one, tag along and be a part of a community that is already doing what you want to be doing and make a change with the people who believe in what you believe.

You have to storm into life knowing that change is not easy, but you have to fight to have a determined perspective on everything you face. Yes, change is inevitable, but you can control your outlook. Make sure to find a way to learn and grow from everything you experience.
— Eryn Eddy

Share a tip which you think everyone should do:

Surround yourself with the type of people you aspire to be so that you can learn from them, and then balance that community out with those people. 

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