How do I prepare for the Spa?

Heading to the spa is always exciting.  However, sometimes being unprepared can take away from your best experience.  With a little preparation, you can go from having an okay experience to wondering why you waited so long to go in the first place.  

We put together five tips on how to plan for the perfect spa day and book your next service. 

Copy of Beautiful young girl standing at the window
  • Shave: Make sure you show up smooth and soft, so you come out feeling refreshed and exhilarated. 
  • Wear comfortable underwear: A comfortable pair, say from Victoria Secret's, can calm even the shyest person and make an intimate experience relaxing. 
  • Hair: Make sure your hair is clean and left loose.  Tying it up restricts the movement of massages, especially head massages.
  • Nails + Feet: Remove all nail polish.  Since your spa treatment will usually include getting your nails and feet done; having them cleaned and ready will allow more time for the massage portion of the treatment. 
  • Carry mint or gum.  Relaxing with your mouth closed can cause your mouth to dry up a little bit, so some sweets or gum can help keep it moist. 

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Header Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash